Why We Really Hire A Coach: ACCOUNTABILITY

In the past clients would come to us for guidance on Nutrition and Fitness. They knew they needed help and just weren’t sure where to start or how to achieve their goals.

They’ve tried on their own or tried various programs and “diets” and either didn’t see results or saw results only to relapse and put everything back on.

We still offer all that amazing guidance but we’ve seen a bit of a shift. The most important reason people are now hiring coaches, trainers, mentors, or whatever you wanna call it. One word, ACCOUNTABILITY!! People are just struggling to hold themselves accountable.

We believe the 2 year Pandemic has a lot to do with this. For two years, people were stuck at home snacking and eating highly processed foods. Gyms were shut down so people got out of the habit of exercising. And honestly very few people are able to workout at home all alone.I don’t care how cool your equipment is.

So basically for two years a lot of people developed some very poor habits. 2 years is a very long time when it comes to establishing habits. They become deeply rooted into our DNA.

Now what’s going on?…. of course people want to eat right and exercise daily but they just struggle to hold themselves accountable and our loved ones also will not hold us accountable because they don’t want to hurt our feelings.

Everytime we say “ok I’m going to wake up early and go to the gym” and the morning comes and our brain says “Neh we didn’t sleep well, let’s go tomorrow” that behavior becomes a deeper habit of talking ourselves out of things. 

How Does a Coach Offer A Higher Level Of Accountability:

  1. Someone is waiting on us: There is a much greater chance we will actually wake up early and make it to the gym if we know someone else got their ass up early to go meet us
  1. More Money: There is a reason paying $19.99 per month at a gym isn’t very successful. It’s no big deal if you only go once per month. We’re only losing out on $20. I’ve known people that have had gym memberships for 10 years and have never used it because it was so cheap. That’s still $2000 down the drain.  Now imagine if we up the stakes and invest a few hundred dollars a month on a coach, I bet we show up more than one time per month. Just a guess though.
  1. Lighting the fire- The third reason is…. If we’re making excuses, not showing up when we’re supposed to and continue eating like $h!t you can bet a good coach is going to call us out on all our BS. Like hey, “what do you think you’re doing? You’re paying me good money to help you and guide you but how the hell can I do that if you don’t wanna help yourself”. Again loved ones struggle to do this because they love us too much. A good trainer also truly cares about us and our success but it’s a little different. The care is actually the main driving factor when it comes to lighting a fire under someones A$$.

If you find yourself in similar situations, stop wasting time and your health. Those are two things we cannot get back. Invest in a good coach to help you live your best life. 

We do it! Maybe not for fitness but in other areas of our lives. Not because we don’t know what to do, it’s because there are things we don’t like to do and we know they probably won’t get done unless we pay someone to hold us accountable. So the return on our investment is 100% worth it

If you need help just click reply and let’s chat!!

Coach Marcel


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