Up Your Morning Routine with These Three Tips

As you already know, our health is the sum of thousands of daily habits and routines. Our morning routine is extremely important and usually determines how the rest of our day is going to go. 

A well planned out mourning can leave us feeling excited to conquer the day. A chaotic morning can leave us feeling highly stressed, grumpy, and miserable. 

So here are 3 Tips you can start implementing today!!!

  1. Wake up early– waking up early allows us to work on ourselves before everyone else wakes up. This is important because as soon kids and spouses wake, we will usually start taking care of them. I like to wake up a minimum of 1 hour before my client’s or classes. Now this doesn’t mean, wake up early and scroll on your phone for an hour. This means be productive. First off, do not touch your phone until you have taken “you time”. If you struggle to wake up early the best thing you can do is force yourself to wake up early rather than go to bed earlier. By forcing yourself to get up, come bed time you will be ready to crash. Over time your sleep schedule will regulate itself. 
  1. 10 min of Movement/mental fitness- this could be a lot of things. Meditation, reading, journaling, exercise, showing gratitude. Whatever it is, it should keep the mind calm and stress levels low. For me, I prefer 10 min of dynamic stretching. Click HERE for a quick example of some stretches I go through. By doing this 10 min of movement/mental fitness we can keep stress and anxiety much lower throughout the day. Body and mind functions much better because of the fresh blood flow. 
  1. 20-30g protein- Just by starting our day off with 30 grams of protein , we can lower cravings later on in the day. We can build and repair muscle in turn boost our metabolism. Most people do not consume enough protein so this will definitely help increase the amount of daily protein which should be at least .75-1.25 g of protein per lb of lean body mass. Here are some examples of what 20-30 grams of protein look like: 1 scoop of protein (ask us for a quality protein supplement). 3-4 eggs. 1 cup cottage cheese. 1 cup Greek yogurt. Starting your day off with some nutrient dense foods will also increase cognitive function.

These are simple steps that you can start today. Give it a go!!


Do You Have Carbohydrate Phobia?

Carbohydrates are one of the three macronutrients. Carbohydrates are your body’s source of energy. They provide fuel for the central nervous system and energy for working muscles.


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