Wasting Away In The “Comfort Zone”

This day in age we strive for convenience, quick results, easy, and just staying as comfortable as possible. This way of life hasn’t just wreaked havoc on human health but also drive and motivation.

Once we get used to living in that comfort zone, it is extremely hard to get out. We become trapped and begin looking for more “easy way outs”

We lose all motivation or even desire to try new things, to improve our health, and to challenge ourselves. Humans were not meant to be this way.

We were meant to adapt. We adapt by dealing with stress, by being challenged, and by going through hard times.

In the health and fitness industry, this is what the “comfort zone” looks like:

-Eating out all the time

-Living in those drive throughs or delivery

-Deciding to go home and watch tv instead of exercising. 

-Going to bed late and waking up late instead of getting some movement in first thing in the morning.

-Scrolling on our phones instead of preparing for the next day or getting shit done.

-Choosing to take a pill instead of trying to fix the actual problem.

-Not trying new programs because we are scared or intimidated.

-Taking the elevators instead of stairs

-Using a motorized cart instead of walking the grocery store

-Buying $100 Miracle fat loss supplement instead of eating right and working out.

I could go on and on. We need to start finding some discomfort. If you find yourself in any of these above situations here are a few ways to add some discomfort in your life, without even stepping foot into a gym that will make a big difference in your life:

-Take a cold shower. (Lots of benefits here, including better sleep)

-If you sit at work, get a standing desk or make one.

-Take the stairs everywhere you go.

-Park as far as you can at all stores

-Fast for 12 hrs instead of going to that drive through.

-Get outside and pull some weeds

-Go for a 20 min walk instead of watching tv.

-Eat a vegetable you don’t like

Start with these little things to start getting used to a little discomfort. Once you can start climbing out of that black hole, your chances of succeeding at eating right and exercising consistently will be much greater.


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