The Journey to Total Health


The Journey to Total Health

By: Coach Jesi Mandagaran

     This blog section is long over due. After many questions for health guidance from clients, friends and family, I’ve decided to create a blog building on what my husband and I believe what Total Health is and it’s crucial building blocks.  I realize blogs are a little on the out-dated side while VLOGGING is at large, the new hot thing, I still decided to write.  I do appreciate cleverness in sentence form in a well written paragraph and writing has always been a natural expression. So, just deal! I will have upcoming posts tackling the Elements/sub-categories individually listed below of what we believe completes the pyramid of Total Health. And yes–hell yes, it will include CrossFit shenanigans. If this fancy’s you, keep reading. If not, no hard feelers.

     I say Total Health because it is merely more than just gagging down Kale-Protein infested smoothies and cramming in the ever-so-inconvenient gym time. My pal Carl Jung, in my opinion, has a pretty good universal list completing Total Health, AKA happiness.

5 Key Elements to Happiness:

  • Physical/Mental Health
  • Relationships/Love
  • Appreciating Beauty/Art Around You
  • Good Living/Working Situations
  • Believing in Something

     Now if you’ll allow me to speak candidly while I translate his list above from my POV…

  • Your BODY- (Internal & External) You on the sick or wellness side of the spectrum? Your MIND- How & What you think ALL DAY, about yourself and the world around you.
  • Your Tribe, your posse, your gang, people in your lives, family and non-family
  • SPIRIT- Your attitude, what your seeing and emanating. How you take care of the first two, affects this one, I’d like add.
  • Work/Job—you like it? Like your boss and the people? Home—do you like it and like your spouse? Organized and clean or cluttered AF and messy?
  • A Faith/Belief—a Religion—Believing in something. Okay, cross-out the first two, since I know the word religion makes people uncomfortable. Having a strong belief in one’s life. Hopefully something positive so that the first 4 elements will be easier to adjust. (Eye Roll insert here)

     Since we are more-or-so fitness guru’s more than we are established walking talking monks, we can only cover Total Health through our experiences and knowledge from our own journey. Excuse the dry and witty banter, its simply my personality. By nature I am sarcastic, a hard-head Capricorn and genetically, a Latina, so yeah (shrug). Every writer has flavor, mine is on the spicy side. More entries to come.

Much Love,

Coach Jesi



“How you do anything, is how you do everything.” –Derek Sivers

“The couch and poor nutrition is killing people, and we can prove it.”- MDL-1CrossFit Coach from CrossFit Gladius Rio


5 Key Elements to Happiness by Carl Jung:

CrossFit Health site:


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