How To Eat More And Still Lose Weight

This sounds like a gimmick right? Well it’s not. It’s actually true. The majority of our clients that struggle with weight don’t eat that much.

So what’s the issue? It’s what they are eating, not how much they are eating. All this means is way too much highly processed foods filled with sugar and trans fats. We often hear, “I’ve tried everything” or “I only eat 1 meal a day”. 

Have any of you tried a “diet” or nutrition program that wanted to starve you? Of course nobody is gonna stick to that. The key to eating more and losing more is eating real food. Foods such as Veggies, fruit, meat, fish, nuts and seeds, and staying away from the sugar.

How Does This Work:

Meal A.

If someone has a 20oz Caramel Frappuccino and a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast they are looking at 980 calories. Now that is a shit ton of calories and not that much food, We will be starving within an hour and a half.

On the flip size, If we were to eat real food for breakfast  this is what we would be looking at.

Meal B.

3 eggs

2 strips of bacon

½ cup old fashioned oats with

1 cup strawberries

¼ cup almonds

And a coffee with cream and 1 tbsp of sugar

690 Calories

These are two very different meals. Not just in the quantity of food but also the nutrients. The second meal could supply us with sustainable energy for almost the entire day. Meal one we would crash within an hour,

*Please steal the second meal and use it,

Now let’s take a look at some snacks because we get a lot of “snackers” that come and talk to us. “I don’t eat that much, I just snack throughout the day.

Snack A. 

Snack size bag of potato chips

1 mini snickers bar

12 oz pepsi

410 calories

Snack B

1 apple

Handful of mixed nuts

1 cup plain greek yogurt

332 calories

Again, please steal this snack and use.

The point is, we don’t have to starve to lose weight. Matter of fact, if we ate real food like we were supposed to, most of us wouldn’t even be able to take in 1500 calories because that is a lot of nutrient dense food.

We also know most of you know this already. Blah blah blah, yeah yeah eat real food. So why do we still struggle with it? Two main reasons…..

Accountability and Preparedness. We can’t hold ourselves accountable these days and we have lost the ability to create a lifestyle that allows us to be prepared. 

That is what our entire Nutrition Program is about. We will absolutely hold you accountable and help you develop new healthy  habits to be prepared no matter your schedule and situation.

If you struggle, please reach out. The first consultation is always free.

Coach Marcel


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