How To Beat COVID

There are so many different opinions on Corona Virus. This tiny little virus is causing complete chaos in the world today. I just wanted to talk a little about my thoughts on it. Maybe some of you won’t agree and maybe it will help some of you sleep a little better at night.

Before I dive in here I want to make it clear that I totally understand how dangerous and contagious COVID is to those in a “high risk category”. But if you are in the higher risk category you need to continue to fight. When I say fight, I mean continue building up that buffer of health against all viruses, illness, and injury. Don’t just sit around and try not to get sick. There’s so much you can do.

I honestly don’t have a lot of data when it comes to COVID. I don’t know which states cases are climbing, stabilizing, or dropping. I don’t know which businesses are higher risk, which ones are still open etc. I intentionally don’t watch the news or read into too much social media unless it has to do with my family both immediate and “Fit”.

What I do know is, to fight off any virus, health issue, disease, and even injury, the stronger and healthier you are, the better chance you have at beating anything and recovering a lot quicker.

I believe anxiety levels are through the roof when it comes to COVID. And again I don’t have any data on this. I am purely going off of what I am gathering when I talk to people.

My mindset may be a little different when it comes to this type of situation. I’ve really tried to minimize stress when it comes to my lifestyle. I try not to get too hyped up about COVID or any other virus  that may be contagious. Once again, I completely understand we all need to do our part in washing hands, keeping our distance and so on.

But I’m not one to freak out if someone coughs or sneezes by me. If my wife is sick, I am still going to kiss her. I figure, if I get it, I get it. I’ve been working so hard to stay healthy my chances of a quick recovery are pretty good.

With COVID, I believe most of us are going to get it at some point no matter how hard we try to avoid it. Again, just some things I’ve heard and a gut feeling. Now the worse thing I believe we can do is just stay locked up, glued to the tv and on our phones watching all this negative COVID shit.

If we are staying locked up, we are probably not eating very well and snacking mindlessly. If we are stressing over this, anxiety levels are high, cortisol levels are high and we probably aren’t sleeping very well.

Now there is the antidote to COVID and any other virus for that matter. We call this SEMM!! And surprise this is pretty much the answer to all health and fitness goals:


Let’s talk about these real quick. This isn’t anything new.

Sleep is huge when it come to overall health. When we sleep, we recover, rebuild, regenerate. If you have ever had a bad injury or been very sick, you’ve probably notice you want to sleep a lot. Yeah, your body knows what to do, so let it do its job .

Eat- Eating healthy nutrient dense foods can have a major impact on not only overall health but on how quickly you can recover from almost any illness or injury. Food is the miracle drug when it comes to healing our bodies. We are what we eat! Bet you haven’t heard that one.

Movement– Our bodies were meant to move. We were meant hunt and gather food to survive. Move from place to place to survive. Get outside and breath in the fresh air, get some vitamin D. Don’t get caught up in what type of movement you should be doing. Just Move!!! Walk, jog, bike, lift something, put it back down, squat down, stand back up. Keep it simple.

Manage– Managing stress is probably one of the hardest areas to control. For some reason our society is now built to create a lot of stress. Social Media is a huge factor. Negativity plays a big role. Like I’ve said on previous blogs, try to stay away from negative people and media. That alone could help alleviate a lot of stress.

Here at Fire+Ice Wellness we focus on a lot more then just 1 hour of fitness 3-5 days per week. WELLNESS is much more than just exercise. It’s SEMM!!

If you or someone you know could use some help with SEMM just schedule a FREE INTRO today!

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