By Head Coach Marcel Mandagaran

How many of you have decided that you are going to make a change in your life and start eating right and exercising 4 to 5 times per week? We see it all the time. People start out great, see some awesome results and then after a few months, they fall right back into their bad nutrition habits. And every year the gyms are packed with motivated individuals, with great New Year’s resolutions. Come March—crickets.  Why could this be? Easy—lack of Accountability.

Simon Sinek, a public speaker and author, says that we as a social species are accountable to others more than we are to ourselves.  We feel a responsibility for others and that’s why most highly successful people have a buddy system or a team of like-minded individuals with the same goal, to help keep each other accountable.  We are more likely to succeed with accountability.

Without accountability, nobody is there to check on you to see if you’ve been eating right or training. Working out isn’t fun by yourself. You’re not seeing any results.  And if you’ve ever had a 24hr gym membership and missed a week or two, I bet not a single staff member called you to check in. Hell, you could miss the entire year and would never hear from any them.   And you know somethin’?  They. Don’t. Care.  As long as they got that “PIF” (paid in full) they could care less. But I can guarantee if that monthly membership fee of $19.99 declines they will be contacting you though.

Now what happens if you are a part of a CrossFit gym and community and you miss 1 week? I bet you not only received a message or phone call from your coach, but you had a few fellow athletes calling in to check on you. BOOM—Accountability! You have a team that actually cares about you and don’t want anyone to fall off the health bus.

When it comes to nutrition, we understand how difficult it can be to stay on track. I mean we see it all the time. Athletes bust it in the gym 4-5, maybe even 6 days per week. Blood, sweat and tears goes into their fitness. They’ve been training consistently for a year or 2, maybe more, and still… little to NO results. The weight stays the same, their body fat doesn’t budge, and their frustration increases. What missing?

Nutrition + Accountability. You WILL NOT OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET. That’s why we host Nutrition Challenges and have created a great Accountability Program. The lot of people need that particular assistance and we want them to continue to improve their health and fitness.

Nutrition Challenges are a great way to educate people on life changing nutrition habits and to hold everyone accountable. Not only do the coaches hold athletes accountable but so do other fellow participants. Everyone shares both their struggles and their bright spots. We often see amazing results through these challenges, like, dropping as much as a 4% body fat in just 4 weeks. Now that may not seem like a big deal but let me give you an example. If an someone weighs 150lbs and loses 4% body fat, that is SIX POUNDS of FAT, dropped. Check out this quick clip of body fat example HERE. Crazy Right!

What we also see quite often, and it makes us very sad, is that folks soar during these challenges, then a month or two goes by, we notice the weight starts to come back. The body fat is back. Why? Once again it comes back to ACCOUNTABILITY! Nobody is checking your food journal. You quit logging your food. You don’t have to weigh in. You don’t need to post your meals. Nobody will know if you eat this snack or that cheat meal. “I’ll get back on track on Monday”. This mindset quickly spirals out of control throwing all that hard work out the window.  Both money and time is wasted. This is why we created our Accountability Program. We don’t want you to lose all the progress you worked hard for. We want you to continue breaking through new goals. As you become more fit, constant tweaks will need to be made throughout your nutrition journey.

We recognize all the struggles. We’ve been there and have worked with a lot of people that have gone through the same struggles. That’s why we are so confident in our program. Invest in yourself. Let us help you. If you are interested in joining a Nutrition challenge to jump start you on the right track, we have our “Summer Shred Keto Challenge” coming up this Saturday Aug 17th at 9:00am. Just click the link below to sign up. If you know you struggle with accountability, we are here to help. We developed a program that works and will keep you on the right track. Schedule your free nutrition consultation to see if this program is right for you.

“Summer Shred Keto Challenge”

“FREE Nutrition Consultation”


Coach Marcel


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