Do Protein Shakes Really Help Build Muscle?

So these are common questions we get all the time.

-What kind of supplements should I take?
-Should I take Protein?
-What Protein Should I take?

The list could go on and on.

So in this Blog I am going to give you my opinion and what I have found to work and what is a waste of money.

Little Background……
I took my first Protein shake around age 17. And I have Been taking Protein pretty much ever since.
From Age 17 to about 25 I took all sorts of supplements. Spent a lot of money.

To be completely honest, Most of them were a complete waste of money. Throughout those 8 years or so I really didn’t notice a big change in both physique or Strength until I changed my nutrition. Once I learned how to eat properly, then the results came.

So first piece of advice, don’t even look into supplements or spend a dime on them until your nutrition is on point or at least pretty close. There isn’t a supplement out there that can match Proper Nutrition and the ones that can, the risk isn’t worth the reward.

Now, from age 25 until about 35, I got off most supplements except Protein and maybe some vitamins and fish oil once in awhile. Now again my nutrition was good so these supplements were just a bonus for recovery, immune system, and joint health. Nothing to do with muscle gain or fat loss.

Staying on the protein was more of a mental thing than anything and probably some ego. I have been taking Protein for so long I just couldn’t take the chance of loosing any “GainZ” lol.

Now at age 35, little less ego, little less worried about loosing muscle, different goals in life, I thought to myself, “Is this protein I’ve been taking for almost 2 decades really working? So I ran out of my last tub of protein and said screw it, “let’s see if I feel any different”.

Results are in, After almost a year of not taking any supplement at all, I feel exactly the same. Energy, Strength, endurance, even body mass. All stayed the same. (Keep in mind, I still eat pretty good).
So thats 18 years worth of protein. 216 months (Which i went through about 1 tub of protein per month) at about $45 per tub. Run some numbers, Thats $9720.00 I’ve spent on protein in the last 18 years. FML right!!

You know whats even more crazy, I’m back on the protein. LOL, LOL, LOL

Let me explain, totally different reasons this time. The main reason I take protein now, is to keep my sugar intake low. Foods that are much better with sugar, I substitute Protein. 

-I put protein in my coffee
-I put protein in my oatmeal
-I put oatmeal in cottage cheese sometimes

Another reason I take protein is in emergency situations. You’re running errands like a chicken with your head cut off, don’t have time to eat, you’re starving but don’t want to grab McDonalds (Please don’t do that) we always keep a shaker with protein in the car. Add a little water and that should hold you over until you get home to cook some good, nutritious food.

(Quick tip, so your wife or husband doesn’t kill you. Don’t forget to take the used shaker out of the car and clean it. A 1 week old shaker sitting in the car makes for a bad day.)

So, there you have it. Not much science, more of a personal experiment. In my opinion, some supplements do have their place and time (BUT ONLY IF NUTRITION IS ON POINT). If you are eating right but find yourself feeling run down or getting sick more often, I would recommend some good multi-vitamins for Immune System Function.

If you are starting to get some joint pain, I would recommend a good fish oil supplement.

And if you are trying to avoid using too much sugar, I would recommend a good Protein Supplement.

Now, be careful, there is a lot of Bullshit out there that is just filled with junk that can make you sick or just not work in general.

If you would like some more info on Good Supplements, we do have some at JHM and Online that are all natural and can actually benefit you (For the last time, ONLY IF YOU ARE EATING RIGHT. Darquise would have a lot more info on those than I could ever tell you.

Hope this info helped. If you would like to read more of our health blogs click HERE.

Coach Marcel


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