By Coach Marcel + Jesi


            When striking up the normal societal conversations outside the gym, the question of our profession comes up and the reaction from folks are usually 1 of 2 statements…

  1. “Oh, CrossFit is dangerous.”
  2. Or—“I’d like to try it, but I’ll never be in shape for that kind intensity.”

Fair… CrossFit does tend to have a bad rep.  CrossFit has been around for over ten years now.  And yes, some CrossFit affiliates are highly known for their Hulk smashing monstrous Elite athletes, but I promise you, the majority of the members are your everyday kind of people just trying to stay healthy.  In the last couple of years, CrossFit HQ has been strong and steady moving away from the Elite competition lime light and focusing more on the HEALTH aspect of doing CrossFit.  The movement is doing well with as one of its legs.  We want to help undirty the name of CrossFit and tell you why it is the fastest growing fitness methodology in healing people’s health, globally!! In this blog we will tackle some of those preposterous myths and fill you in with the truth instead. 

There are many myths out there about CrossFit, but here is our top 5:

  1. I will get hurt if I do CrossFit
  2. CrossFit is only for Elite Athletes
  3. I need to get in shape before I start CrossFit
  4. Old people can’t do CrossFit
  5. CrossFit is too intense

#1 The INJURY MYTH: The thing is, the chance of injury in any type of exercise program is always there. Hell, the chance for a wrist injury (carpal tunnel) from using your mouse all day will always be there too. So, what will happen, if people try to “avoid injury” by NOT exercising? Mostly likely, they’ll become overweight, develop arthritis, the quality of life diminishes, chance for chronic disease goes way up, (diabetes, cancer, dementia, etc). So, I would say the benefits of proper exercise, by far, outweigh the probability of pulling a muscle.

#2 FOR ELITE ATHLETES ONLY MYTH: Yes there is a small percentage of high level athletes in CrossFit compared to non-elite professional athletes. There is a much higher percentage, probably around 90% of people that don’t care to compete. This population would like to lose some weight, have more energy, maybe get off their meds and watch their grandkids get married. At one time, they were nervous about starting when they stepped into their first CrossFit gym but that changed after their first meeting. What happened? A friendly, knowledgeable coach took them under their wing and a warm welcoming community guided them along the way.

#3 GET INTO SHAPE BEFORE CF MYTH: This one is mind-blowing. This tells us, people are defeated in the mind before they even give CF a chance.  Intensity is different for everyone. In CrossFit we follow 3 principles. 1. Mechanics (that means moving correctly). 2. Consistency (that means moving correctly, all the time). ONLY, after an individual has developed the first 2 principles, then we start to add in the 3rd, which is Intensity.  Its best to change the mindset first before taking action. For example, “I will do CrossFit to get into shape.”

#4 OLD PEOPLE MYTH: we absolutely love it when our older crown joins the fit fam. There are tons of studies that show you can continue increase muscle mass, improve cardiorespiratory health, increase bone density and flexibility (which is HUGE in our later years) well into your 80s. Just check out Freda Burnette.

CrossFit’s focus is the use of “functional movements” squatting down, picking things up, putting stuff over your head, getting down to the floor and picking yourself back up. What this looks like to me is a chance to live on your own without assistance for a LONG TIME. That means, not needing someone to clean you, feed you, get you from place to place.

#5 TOO INTENSE MYTH: All our coaches are trained to create the proper intensity level for all members.  Some may differ from others depending on their current health status. For an experienced athlete an intense workout might be 400lb deadlifts and a 6 min mile. For a brand-new individual, that same intensity level may include picking up a 10lb plate off the floor and walking, carrying the weight, from one end of the room to the other. Our coaches meet all individuals at their level of fitness and slowly progress from there.

            Overall, CrossFit affiliates differ in style of training methods and community vibes.  Its important to not write-off CrossFit after the first gym you try.  You wouldn’t do the same when on a hunt for a new favorite coffee house would you?  Our advice is to try out a few different gyms and see where you’d feel most at home.  Affiliates differ in taste, sure, but the mission is the same—bettering the health of others.  As the saying goes, ‘Don’t knock it till you try it’, seems like a good way to end our blog here. 


Coach Marcel & Jess

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