100 Yrs Old Never Looked So Good

This is what is actually “Normal”

It’s really sad how many people we talk to say…. “I’m too old for that”. I mean we get it, getting older can be tough sometimes,  but that doesn’t mean we should just stop moving and doing things we love.

This day in age it is “Normal” for us to develop some sort of chronic disease. Heart disease, diabetes, or cancer and almost be ok with it. It’s “just what happens” to us as we age. A lot of people stop moving, working, doing things they love because they’re “too old”.

Sometimes when they see other older people still working out like crazy, traveling the world or doing things typical older people don’t do, we hear this a lot….

“She’s not normal”

“I wish I could do that”

“That’s crazy”

But the real crazy thing is, that is actually normal. That is how the body is supposed to age. The human body is freaking amazing and should be able to be highly functional, pain free, well into it’s 100s.

And yes sometimes there really isn’t anything someone could’ve done. We don’t know why but sometimes disease and illness just happens. Even if we’re healthy and take very good care of ourselves. It is really sad when we see this situation and still can’t understand why.

 But, honestly this is a very rare occasion. Most of the time Chronic Disease sets in from very poor lifestyle choices. All this technology, convenience, and highly processed junk is what is making everyone sick. I mean we don’t even have to get out of our chairs anymore to get food. Whip out your phone, place your order, and doordash will bring it right over.

Please check out this incredible lady. A good friend of ours Goldie Tremplay sent us this video and I instantly wanted to write about it because this is what we should be doing well into 100 years of life. This amazing lady will be 100 years old in December and is traveling to Hawaii here in the near future. Check her out HERE.

Now do you think this classy dame was sitting in her chair ordering food? Of course not. I’m sure she was out farming, milking cows, riding horses, working her ass off her entire life and eating real food without any labels on it. She probably surrounded herself with people she loved and had a very positive outlook on life even though a lot of bad shit has happened over the last 100 years. 

Bottom line, let’s quit thinking it’s normal to grow old, develop some kind of health issue, rely on medication to “save us” and stop doing things we love (like traveling to Hawaii at 100 years old). It’s never too late to take care of yourself. It’s never too late to improve your health. We have two choices 1) take action now. Keep moving, start eating real food, cut out all the negativity around us and travel to Hawaii OR think we’re too old, sit at home on the couch, eat shitty highly processed foods, complain about every little thing going on in this world and have someone feed us jello when we can’t take care of ourselves anymore. If you didn’t click the link above you have to check this out……

100 yrs old never looked so good

Coach MM


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