Understanding Weight Training

First off, yes EVERYONE should incorporate some type of weight training into their fitness routine. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, 10yrs old or 90 years old, if you wanna lose weight, tone up, or gain muscle. Weight training is one of  the quickest ways to achieve motor control, build balance and strength, and increase longevity.

The very first step would be to establish a strong “Why”. We talk about “why’s” all the time. A “Why” is the main reason you are looking to create positive change in your health and fitness.

20 years ago my “why” was that I was small and skinny. I wanted girls to like me and I wanted to be able to defend myself if I had to. Throughout our fitness journey this “why” will probably change. Now my “why” is…. I want to be able to play basketball with my daughter and teach her things like snow boarding and martial arts.

These are two different “why’s” that require different training methods.

Once you establish a strong “why” now you can start to build the best fitness program to work towards that why. Some type of weight training should be involved. I like to break this down.

3 Types Of Weight Training

Olympic weight lifting

Strength Training


If you aren’t sure how to create a proper fitness program please reach out for help. This will save you time, money, and a whole lot of mistakes. There is far too much that goes into weight training then just picking videos off youtube and guessing at things.

Things such as volume and loads. The amount of work being done (volume= total reps per set and per workout) are very different from someone just starting and someone that has been training for a few years. The amount of load = weight being moved is also very different based on fitness level.

Rest plays a big role in weight training based on what stimulus is trying to be achieved. Are you trying to build muscle endurance or strength. Well both of those require a very different amount of rest.

Splitting up muscle groups, intensity levels, and energy systems are also very crucial to not only see results but prevent injury.

Recovery is a vastly overlooked part of weight training and is probably more important than the actual training itself. We must understand how to recover properly. Things such as nutrition, sleep, stress management, mobility work, stretching etc…are all a part of recovery.

That’s just the very basics. Now we must understand how to move properly and how to achieve proper position, maintain a mind muscle connection and change up angles and speed to keep us safe and achieve different types of goals.

If you are missing some of these pieces mentioned above and would like some help. You’re in luck. It won’t even cost you a dime. We are putting on a FREE Weight Lifting Clinic next Sat Dec 18th at 10:00am. This clinic is open to anyone and everyone, members and non members. 

To sign up just click HERE

Please take advantage of this opportunity and avoid the mistakes we have already made.


Coach Marcel


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