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Why exercise is so crucial as we age

“We squat, so you can get off the toilet when you’re 90” We joke all the time here at Fire+Ice about squatting below parallel. The reason we give everyone is simple, so you can get off the toilet when you’re 90. All jokes aside, we really do mean it. Why

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Our Bodies in a Tech Heavy World + EMF Radiation

         It’s no longer a secret that tech life addiction is a real thing nowadays.  Is it a coincidence that the rise of health issues, such as obesity and depression, coincides with this tech addiction??  Short answer—no.  The truth is, our bodies are designed to move, and our species are

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How To Build Strength Without A Gym

With COVID throwing a wrench into everyone’s Strength Training, I wanted to talk a bit on how we could still build strength right from home without the use of any equipment. Strength- Is Quality or state of being physically strong. I know most of you have met someone from “back

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How To Beat COVID

There are so many different opinions on Corona Virus. This tiny little virus is causing complete chaos in the world today. I just wanted to talk a little about my thoughts on it. Maybe some of you won’t agree and maybe it will help some of you sleep a little

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Every single person has started their fitness journey for a very particular reason or reasons. We call this our “Why”. It’s why we started to make positive changes to our health in the first place. I can still remember mine. Growing up I was always a lot smaller than everyone

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Injuries From Repetitive Movement

Alright let’s take a closer look at injuries caused from repetitive movement. Repetitive movement can be any movement or even static position held for long periods of time, day in and day out. A few examples: Sitting for long periods of time: By far the MOST common cause of aches

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Coming Back From Injuries

At some point in an individual’s fitness journey, injuries are going to happen. Most of the time it’s not even the exercise that is the root cause of the injury. The exercise is usually what brings out the deficiencies in the body. Maybe an old baseball injury, or back starts

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