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Do You Have A Health Budget?

Far too often we hear the phrase “I can’t afford it” or “that’s too expensive” when it comes to people trying to improve their health. I mean, we get it. It can be a lot of money but what we have found is that people spend way more money on

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Simplifying Goals

Meet Mary Lu. Mary Lu wants to lose 20 lbs, tone up her arms, thighs, and midline. She would also like to increase energy levels and get rid of her low back pain. Oftentimes this is how our consultations go. In all reality an individual like Mary Lu hasn’t dialed

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Holiday’s And The “Derailment”

Alright, we have some challenges coming up this weekend and continuing next week. Here’s the deal: a lot of us have done great all year. Improved nutrition habits, been consistent with our training and we’re looking and feeling pretty good. All these new habits and momentum we have built will

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The Importance Of Protein

There are so many benefits when it comes to Protein.  Proteins play many critical roles in the human body. Protein molecules make up our hair, nails, bones, and muscles and also make them work the way they are supposed to Benefits of protein when it comes to health and fitness:

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Weight Loss Simplified

Let’s talk Weight Loss. Weight Loss is probably the most common goal we hear when talking to people about their goals. Now there are many different ways to lose weight. Some are healthy,  some not so healthy. We could get very scientific and throw in a lot of information on

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Do Protein Shakes Really Help Build Muscle?

So these are common questions we get all the time. -What kind of supplements should I take?-Should I take Protein?-What Protein Should I take? The list could go on and on. So in this Blog I am going to give you my opinion and what I have found to work

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