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Weight Training For Beginners

There are many different types and goals when it comes to weight training. In this blog I want to specifically talk about “Hypertrophy”.  Hypertrophy is the increase in muscle mass. Which is one of the most common goals we see and get asked about. We see a lot of people

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3 Tips For Losing Weight and Improving Health

The Mystery Of Losing Weight We’ve spoken to a lot of people that say “I’ve tried everything” and They still can’t lose weight. Losing weight and improving health is simple but very difficult. Simple because the steps needed to lose weight are easy, Difficult because these same steps require Accountability,

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Why exercise is so crucial as we age

“We squat, so you can get off the toilet when you’re 90” We joke all the time here at Fire+Ice about squatting below parallel. The reason we give everyone is simple, so you can get off the toilet when you’re 90. All jokes aside, we really do mean it. Why

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Why You Should Exercise First Thing In The Morning

Oftentimes we get the question, “Is it better to workout in the morning”. Just to be clear, you should choose whatever time of day is going to set you up for the most success. I did just wanna explain some great benefits of training first thing in the morning. 4

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Food logging. You may have heard people talking about it, or you may have even tried it yourself with mixed feelings. Food logging can potentially be a tedious process and even a little stressful for some. But, is food logging worth the time? Here is one scenario that happens a

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