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Is New Mexican/Mexican Food Healthy

We talk to a lot of people that say they struggle with food because of the way they grew up. Oftentimes “I grew up eating New Mexican or Mexican Food”. Well Yes in a way this is true but These types of foods aren’t unhealthy, sometimes it’s just the way

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How To Eat More And Still Lose Weight

This sounds like a gimmick right? Well it’s not. It’s actually true. The majority of our clients that struggle with weight don’t eat that much. So what’s the issue? It’s what they are eating, not how much they are eating. All this means is way too much highly processed foods

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Intimidated or Self Conscious About Weight Training?

We know tons of people that miss out on all the amazing benefits of weight training just because they are intimidated or self conscious about it. Now why would that be? From 100s and 100s of conversations over the past 20 years we know people feel this way because they

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How Often Should We Exercise?

So the short answer we can give you is, 3-4 times per week, 15 – 20 min per day is enough to improve health and fitness. Now of course there is so much more that goes into this question. 3 things to ask yourself when deciding on how often you

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Harmful Effects Of Processed Foods In Teens

14.7 million teens in the USA are considered obese today and sadly so many suffer from eating disorders. Most teens eat way too many processed foods such as sodas, energy drinks, chips, and candy. As teens start to develop poor nutrition habits at a young age they really struggle in

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Why We Really Hire A Coach: ACCOUNTABILITY

In the past clients would come to us for guidance on Nutrition and Fitness. They knew they needed help and just weren’t sure where to start or how to achieve their goals. They’ve tried on their own or tried various programs and “diets” and either didn’t see results or saw

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How To Develop Discipline

We say it all the time, “We don’t need motivation to workout, we need discipline”. First comes discipline. With discipline comes consistency. If we’re consistent comes results. Now with results we start to see motivation increase. Most people struggle with motivation. And Yes, we understand it is extremely hard to

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Do You Have A Health Budget?

Far too often we hear the phrase “I can’t afford it” or “that’s too expensive” when it comes to people trying to improve their health. I mean, we get it. It can be a lot of money but what we have found is that people spend way more money on

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