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Do You Have Carbohydrate Phobia?

Carbohydrates are one of the three macronutrients. Carbohydrates are your body’s source of energy. They provide fuel for the central nervous system and energy for working muscles. They also prevent protein from being used as an energy source and enable fat metabolism. Carbs have also been found to help with brain function and

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5 Ways to Jump Start Your Nutrition Now

Eating a healthier diet isn’t easy, but the benefits are definitely worth it.  Having a strong and healthy body translates to a fuller, happier life. Especially thinking about healthy eating as a lifestyle, and not a diet. And eating healthy can become a habit, just like brushing your teeth or

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How to get 160 grams of protein in a day

I have stressed in many emails and posts the importance and benefits of getting in enough protein throughout the day. I do understand it can feel hard to reach your protein goals. So I thought I’d give you a cheat sheet to work off of.  Protein is a powerful nutrient

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How to Put Nutrition First

Let’s say you spend 1 hour in the gym 4-5 times per week. That’s 4-5 hours a  week working hard to achieve your weight loss or muscle gain goals. Of  course, what you do at the gym is a big part of looking and feeling better, but  it is NOT

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3 Phases Of Nutrition. Part 1

We had a Personal Training client that has been working with us the last 90 days. She has been busting her ass in the gym 2-3 x per week and making some great changes when it comes to her nutrition. Changes such as switching from processed foods to real food,

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Master the basics first

There isn’t a magic pill or drink that will help you change your nutrition habits over night. Just like there isn’t anything you can do to lose 10 pounds in one day. It takes time, work and consistency to change habits. I guarantee you that change can happen. And when

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Healthy Food Swaps

Blog by Laura| October 22, 2020 81% of people underestimate how much they are eating. It is frustrating when you feel you are putting in so much effort and seeing very little to no change.  Let’s dive into what a “healthy day of eating” might look like;  Breakfast; Strawberry yogurt,

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Food logging. You may have heard people talking about it, or you may have even tried it yourself with mixed feelings. Food logging can potentially be a tedious process and even a little stressful for some. But, is food logging worth the time? Here is one scenario that happens a

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“Our “WHY” for our Nutrition Program”

By Fitness Trainer Jesi Mandagaran             Everything we do here at Fire + Ice CF west is to improve the quality of health for anybody who walks through our doors—any age and in any health state.  We believe that a healthy mind, body and spirit is true optimal living and

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By Sport Nutrition Coach Laura Nava Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, Atkins, low-carb, vegan, vegetarian, the zone, something called the duken diet… With so many diets out there, how is anyone supposed to know how to eat??!! As someone who follows everything nutrition, there is a lot of information out there, all

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