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Why We Really Hire A Coach: ACCOUNTABILITY

In the past clients would come to us for guidance on Nutrition and Fitness. They knew they needed help and just weren’t sure where to start or how to achieve their goals. They’ve tried on their own or tried various programs and “diets” and either didn’t see results or saw

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How To Develop Discipline

We say it all the time, “We don’t need motivation to workout, we need discipline”. First comes discipline. With discipline comes consistency. If we’re consistent comes results. Now with results we start to see motivation increase. Most people struggle with motivation. And Yes, we understand it is extremely hard to

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3 Phases Of Nutrition, Part 2: The Calorie Phase

In part one we talked about The Habits Phase. In case you missed it, check it out HERE. Today we are moving into “The Calorie Phase”.  We only move clients into this phase if they have developed all the necessary healthy habits. Like I said in part one. Everyone is

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3 Phases Of Nutrition. Part 1

We had a Personal Training client that has been working with us the last 90 days. She has been busting her ass in the gym 2-3 x per week and making some great changes when it comes to her nutrition. Changes such as switching from processed foods to real food,

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Why exercise is so crucial as we age

“We squat, so you can get off the toilet when you’re 90” We joke all the time here at Fire+Ice about squatting below parallel. The reason we give everyone is simple, so you can get off the toilet when you’re 90. All jokes aside, we really do mean it. Why

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Our Bodies in a Tech Heavy World + EMF Radiation

         It’s no longer a secret that tech life addiction is a real thing nowadays.  Is it a coincidence that the rise of health issues, such as obesity and depression, coincides with this tech addiction??  Short answer—no.  The truth is, our bodies are designed to move, and our species are

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Pay It Forward

by Marcel | Aug 26, 2020 | Blog Everyone has heard the phrase “Pay It Forward”. When someone shows us kindness, we should show kindness to another person, and hopefully the cycle continues. In this blog I wanna share how we could take that same principle and apply it to

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How To Build Strength Without A Gym

With COVID throwing a wrench into everyone’s Strength Training, I wanted to talk a bit on how we could still build strength right from home without the use of any equipment. Strength- Is Quality or state of being physically strong. I know most of you have met someone from “back

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How To Beat COVID

There are so many different opinions on Corona Virus. This tiny little virus is causing complete chaos in the world today. I just wanted to talk a little about my thoughts on it. Maybe some of you won’t agree and maybe it will help some of you sleep a little

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Every single person has started their fitness journey for a very particular reason or reasons. We call this our “Why”. It’s why we started to make positive changes to our health in the first place. I can still remember mine. Growing up I was always a lot smaller than everyone

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