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Motivation Dies, Discipline Thrives

Blog 46 | By Jesi Mandagaran             Let’s face it, motivation is not marriage material.  Much like that red-hot summer of ’69 fling, it ends, suddenly and tragically, leaving you wanting more.   But deep down you know you’ll never have it like that again. You’re only left with a glimmer

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3 Reasons Why Poor Sleep Results in Weight-Gain

BLOG 40 By Fitness Trainer Jesi Mandagaran             From a previous blog I wrote, “BEASTS SLEEP TOO”, it is no secret I became Team Sleep when it comes to making changes in overall health.  And for good reason too.  If you like feeling at your best in your work environment,

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Blog 28 By Jesi Mandagaran             Piggy-backing from my previous blog, “FIT LIVING: SO TOP 10”, here’s the follow up one.  For those who aren’t familiar with watching ESPN’s TOP 10 and NOT SO TOP 10, it’s a highlight reel of ten plays across all sports going on for that

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