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3 Phases Of Nutrition. Part 1

We had a Personal Training client that has been working with us the last 90 days. She has been busting her ass in the gym 2-3 x per week and making some great changes when it comes to her nutrition. Changes such as switching from processed foods to real food,

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Wasting Away In The “Comfort Zone”

This day in age we strive for convenience, quick results, easy, and just staying as comfortable as possible. This way of life hasn’t just wreaked havoc on human health but also drive and motivation. Once we get used to living in that comfort zone, it is extremely hard to get

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The Dreaded “Plateau”

What exactly is a “Plateau”? We’ve heard it time and time again. “I think I’ve hit a plateau”. Well a plateau is when the body stops responding to the fitness you are throwing at it. Your progress slows and you stop seeing results. That sucks right? So why does this

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When Things Get Tough

Today I wanted to talk about how to stay on track when things get tough. The longer you stay on your fitness journey the more you will be tested. Life can be an unforgiving Mo Fo sometimes. Now, how we handle those situations when they occur is completely up to

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Holiday’s And The “Derailment”

Alright, we have some challenges coming up this weekend and continuing next week. Here’s the deal: a lot of us have done great all year. Improved nutrition habits, been consistent with our training and we’re looking and feeling pretty good. All these new habits and momentum we have built will

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3 Tips For Losing Weight and Improving Health

The Mystery Of Losing Weight We’ve spoken to a lot of people that say “I’ve tried everything” and They still can’t lose weight. Losing weight and improving health is simple but very difficult. Simple because the steps needed to lose weight are easy, Difficult because these same steps require Accountability,

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How To Beat COVID

There are so many different opinions on Corona Virus. This tiny little virus is causing complete chaos in the world today. I just wanted to talk a little about my thoughts on it. Maybe some of you won’t agree and maybe it will help some of you sleep a little

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Corona Virus: Gut Check, Literally

By Health and Fitness Trainer Jesi Mandagaran             Why hello 2020, you came in swingin’, calling us out on our health with a new thug, Corona-Virus.  Globally, it’s all people can talk about.  Globally, our leaders are hard at work trying to keep civilians safe.  Globally, we are be challenged

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Do I need to be in shape to do CrossFit?

We hear this statement all the time. “I want to start CrossFit but I need to get into shape first”.  First off, the same people that think this way, never actually get into shape. Why? They don’t know how. They don’t know where to start. They don’t have a guide.

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How Fitness Can Help With Anxiety

By Head Coach Marcel Mandagaran When it comes to fitness, we tend to solely think about how it affects our physical appearance. Few examples that come to mind are weight loss, muscle gain, and how the body will look. Which is great, but we tend to overlook the positive effects

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