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Healthy Food Swaps

Blog by Laura| October 22, 2020 81% of people underestimate how much they are eating. It is frustrating when you feel you are putting in so much effort and seeing very little to no change.  Let’s dive into what a “healthy day of eating” might look like;  Breakfast; Strawberry yogurt,

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“Our “WHY” for our Nutrition Program”

By Fitness Trainer Jesi Mandagaran             Everything we do here at Fire + Ice CF west is to improve the quality of health for anybody who walks through our doors—any age and in any health state.  We believe that a healthy mind, body and spirit is true optimal living and

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By Head Coach Marcel Mandagaran This is a common question we hear in the fitness industry, especially by the ladies.  Will lifting make me bulky?  FALSE.  FALSE. FALSE. The good news is, only about 2% of all women have the actual genes to ‘bulk up’. Even so, we get it. 

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BY SPORT SPECIFIC COACH LAURA NAVA You are what you eat. Food effects not only your weight, but what you eat effects your mood and energy. If you have a hard time keeping your eyes open during the workday or have a tough time getting through the afternoon slump, you

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