Simplifying Goals

Meet Mary Lu. Mary Lu wants to lose 20 lbs, tone up her arms, thighs, and midline. She would also like to increase energy levels and get rid of her low back pain.

Oftentimes this is how our consultations go. In all reality an individual like Mary Lu hasn’t dialed in on her “Why”. She just chose a random number or a number her doctor told her she needs to drop ( 20 lbs). She also knows she would like to see improvement on certain parts of her body. 

All this is fine but sometimes over complicating health and fitness is the enemy. We say it all the time: Simple = Effective. Let’s take another approach to Mary’s goals. We know what she wants and all her goals are actually very common goals for a lot of people we talk to. Take a sec and think to yourself. Would you like to achieve some of those goals as well?

If we just change Mary Lu’s mindset from achieving 10 different goals to just Strength, we will have a much better chance at succeeding long term. Now I don’t know any instance in life where being stronger isn’t a win.

Stronger = Better

Stronger kids = Healthier kids

Stronger athletes = better sports performance

Stronger older individuals = Better quality of life + longevity

Stronger we are when shit hits the fan (Catastrophic car accident or deadly virus) = Better chance at survival. 

Benefits of Strength

  • What is required to build strength? More muscle. 
  • When we build more muscle our metabolism increases (ie weight loss+more energy). 
  • When we build muscle throughout the entire body what happens? More toned arms, thighs, and midline. 
  • We build strength through functional movements which means improved posture, flexibility, balance, and stability (ie less joint pain). 
  • We also build muscle through proper nutrition habits meaning better fuel for the body and better sleep. Drum roll please….MORE ENERGY!!!

There you have it. All these goals achieved by one simple focus: STRENGTH!! If you struggle with setting simple effective goals, it’s hard to go wrong with Strength. 

Now achieving Strength correctly, efficiently, and safely takes a bit of knowledge. So please talk to a professional before starting your new journey. 


Do You Have Carbohydrate Phobia?

Carbohydrates are one of the three macronutrients. Carbohydrates are your body’s source of energy. They provide fuel for the central nervous system and energy for working muscles.


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