Should Kids Be Involved in Strength Training Programs?

By Head Coach Marcel Mandagaran

There’s been hesitancy in the past when it comes to parents putting their kids in fitness programs due to out dated tests and old professional opinions.  Contrary to all the ugly rumors out there, no scientific evidence indicates that resistance training will have an adverse effect on growth during childhood or adolescence. To view a study that was conducted supporting this click HERE.

New tests show, that children and adolescents who participate in strength training programs, that are appropriately designed and supervised by qualified professionals, see significant strength gains. These strength gains also improve running, jumping, and throwing, in which, improve sport-specific performance. The benefits of resistance training go well beyond overall athletic ability. Strength training has also been known to improve self-confidence and cognitive function, along with increase bone density and reduce metabolic risk factors.

All kids should run, jump, throw, spin and flip. Whether this be on a sports team or just outside having fun. As humans, we were designed to move, NOT sit for 8-12 hours per day. So, maybe your child wants to improve their athletic ability for this year’s football season or maybe you just want to get them off their tech device for a few hours per week.

We have a wonderful CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Pre-Teens program here at Fire and Ice Wellness West. Our goal is to educate kids on the importance of exercise and also how fun it can be. By making our program fun, it is much easier to teach kids to move correctly both inside and outside of the gym, which in turn prevents injuries in the future.

We cover all the 10 elements of fitness here at F+I CF West:

  1. -Endurance
  2. -Stamina
  3. -Strength
  4. -Flexibility
  5. -Power
  6. -Speed
  7. -Agility
  8. -Coordination
  9. -Balance
  10. -Accuracy

Also, we absolutely love teaching the kids proper nutrition habits, as we strongly believe Nutrition is the foundation of a healthy body and mind. Hopefully, by educating our kids at a young age, this will set them up for success as they move on to the next chapters in their lives.

We understand that not all children are confortable in a group setting and some children may require 100% of the Coaches attention. That’s why we also offer Personal Training for kids. These sessions usually last about 30-40 minutes. PT sessions are great for children with crazy schedules, special needs, or those who just simply want specific designed training for their particular sport, whatever that may be.

To schedule a FREE No Sweat Intro to see if our CrossFit kids program or Personal Training program is right for your child click the link below.

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