Pay It Forward

by Marcel | Aug 26, 2020 | Blog

Everyone has heard the phrase “Pay It Forward”. When someone shows us kindness, we should show kindness to another person, and hopefully the cycle continues.

In this blog I wanna share how we could take that same principle and apply it to health and fitness.

When we opened Fire+Ice in Burbank, CA about 3 years ago, it was our vision to create a Family that is Happy, Healthy, and Motivated. Now we are not just talking about people that join our gym.

It is our hope that the people that join Fire+Ice will share the information they learn about health and fitness with their family, friends, co-workers, maybe even a stranger at the grocery store buying a 12 pack of soda.

You don’t need a bunch of schooling or certifications in exercise science, anatomy, nutrition….etc. All you need is to truly care about someone and give them a little encouragement.

It is now more important than ever to educate our friends and family on just how important it is to improve our health and keep our immune system strong as possible.

Just in case you haven’t heard this statistic before 70% of people die from chronic disease (most of which could be prevented with proper nutrition and movement). COVID-19 amplifies these diseases.

We all know people that are struggling with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, the list could go on. Try this quick exercise. Think of the closest 10 people in your life. Hopefully 7 out of 10 of them aren’t struggling when it comes to health but a few probably are.

You could easily “Pay It Forward” and help them improve their health without even stepping foot into a gym or spending a dime on gym dues or a trainer.

Most of you that have walked through Fire+Ice could probably repeat the “points of performance” on the basic air squat and if not, no worries you don’t need to. 

Here are some quick tips to “Pay It Forward” when it comes to health and fitness.

  1. Be positive- Don’t tell them what they are doing wrong, If you really would like to help someone, you must do it with positivity. Find things they are already doing right and commend them on it. 
  1. Just Move– Like I said, you don’t need to have a bunch of knowledge about fitness, you just need to find a way to get them to move. This might mean taking them for a short walk a few times a week. Maybe give them a little homework (10 sit to stand from couch, then 5 laps around the kitchen and dining room. That’s where some people must start. 

Don’t worry about getting someone hurt. Believe me, performing an air squat slightly incorrect is much safer than not moving at all.

  1. Habit Change- Find the most damaging part of their diet and make microchanges. A good place to start is Sugary Drinks. Look at starbucks intake, juice consumption, soda etc…. Remember, they must start small. If someone is taking in 2 sodas a day, maybe try and cut it down to 1 soda per day. Once they are comfortable with new healthy habit move onto the next.
  1. Show them “Bright Spots”– To keep someone struggling with health motivated, we must continue to highlight the positive things in their life. Most of the time they don’t even notice the positive changes. They need help pulling the curtain back.

These are very simple tips that do NOT require a Personal Training certification. If you care about someone and would like them to live a long and happy life, “Pay It Forward”. Share fitness!!!

If you still aren’t sure how to do this, reach out to your coach, I’m sure they would love to help!!

Click HERE to help someone you love!

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