Our Bodies in a Tech Heavy World + EMF Radiation

         It’s no longer a secret that tech life addiction is a real thing nowadays.  Is it a coincidence that the rise of health issues, such as obesity and depression, coincides with this tech addiction??  Short answer—no.  The truth is, our bodies are designed to move, and our species are meant to be social (in person).  It’s the joy of living a human experience, and without those two joyful luxuries, our health declines.  

We are in a time where our phones are attached to our hands, in our pockets, or at our bedside.  And if our job requires a computer, which most jobs do nowadays, we now have two devices within reach almost 24/7.  Wi-Fi? Uh—can’t live without that!  Our cool tech toys are slowly sucking the energy right out of us, and disrupting our cells within, causing disharmony, which can lead to health issues.  

Constant EMF exposure is no bueno homies.  Should this techy world continue as it is, 4G… 5G with its harmful EMF radiation, combined with a poor lifestyle, our health is sure to continue in a downward spiral.  But being aware of this helps, and here I share some tips to help lessen the energy eating tech beasts.

         Firstly, let’s quickly go over EMF.  EMF, electromagnetic field, or radiation, carries waves of the electromagnetic field from our devices, like phones, computers, WiFi routers, microwaves, x-ray machines, etc. 

         Although most of these devices have been around for some time now, it doesn’t obviously fry your insides out in a short time.  So, people don’t always recognize the signs or symptoms of some health issues that could be from over exposure to their tech devices.  It’s easy to dismiss signs and symptoms, or mistake the cause of it being from something else.  Here are some symptoms to be aware of:

·  Frequent headaches

·  Ear pain (Bluetooth headphones)

·  Sleep disturbances/insomnia

·  Depression

·  Lack of concentration

·  Fatigue

·  Joint pain (Example: wrist pain from Fitbits/apple watch)

·  Dizziness

·  Irritability

·  Restlessness/anxiety

·  Nausea

·  Skin itching or burning (constant)/dysesthesia

Some studies have shown some links, from cancer to over exposure to EMF, although not extreme cases. However, I am not surprised since we know that different frequencies can change and manipulate cells within the body.  We know this from the  Chladni plate experiment, by Ernest Chladni, German physicist and musician.  He concluded that sound frequency, or sounds, travels in waves and can affect our minds and bodies.  Frequencies are either harmonizing cells within the body or disrupting them.  The more disharmonization going on within the body, the more health issues can arise.  In my last blog, this can better be explained.  See “Frequency Tones For Healing + Uplifting”

In today’s world, it’s hard NOT to be around EMF devices and especially Wi-Fi, shoot, nowadays instead of offering a cup of coffee to guests, it’s “Would you like our Wi-fi password?” But by being mindful of our exposure to them, we can minimize the effects of it.  The best antidote of these harmful frequencies, is combating them with the good ones.  By playing music with positive uplifting tones, like music with the 432 Hz miracle tones, it can absolutely help harmonize cells within the body, which can relax your mind and body.  Another way to certainly bat off the harmful EMF effects is spending time off the grid, going outdoors in nature, without your tech toys.  Those are my two best tips but here’s more:

1. Spend time outdoors in nature, away from tech toys

2. Play healing frequency music (432 Hz and 528 Hz)

3. EMF stickers to put on tech toys (phones, iPads, computers, WiFi routers etc.) Some brands I use: Huagasion, EMF Neutralizer

4. EMF cover router ( JJ Care router cover or NewBeau Cover router )

5. House meter cover ( EMF essentials meter cover )

6. Turn your phone on airplane mode often, interval style for breaks at work

7. Turn OFF wifi/bluetooth signals on computers when not using the internet

8. At night, unplug WiFi routers

9. Turn OFF phones at night, or leave on airplane mode

10.  Don’t sleep with phones next to your bedside, leave them in another room or furthest room from where you sleep

11.  EMF protection blanket

12.  Crystals specifically black tourmaline (EMF protection pyramid) is a great protection against EMF radiation

13.  Practice staying in a ‘LOVE’ vibration, meditate focusing on your heart chakra

14.  Proper exercise (10-20min / 4-6x a week)

15.  Nutrition (high energy foods like, dark leafy greens, raw nuts and seeds, and fruit)

***SPECIAL NOTE:  5G is here, and it’s not a fun time for our bodies.  Should we move into a Quantum internet, the 5G won’t be harmful, but if we remain using the EMF waves presently, then yes 5G will be dangerous. 

         Overall, technology is awesome, helps make life here on the Earth plane a lot easier for us humans, and fun, might I add, but we must also be mindful of our health in relation to the tech toys.  We aren’t meant to live and breath on phones and laptops.  By creating a healthy lifestyle, implementing the tips I mentioned above, and spending time away from our tech toys, we can improve our energy levels to combat the times we are needing to be on our tech gadgets.  Balance.  It really is all about balance.


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