Motivation Dies, Discipline Thrives

Blog 46 | By Jesi Mandagaran

            Let’s face it, motivation is not marriage material.  Much like that red-hot summer of ’69 fling, it ends, suddenly and tragically, leaving you wanting more.   But deep down you know you’ll never have it like that again. You’re only left with a glimmer of hope for another.  And wait you will. All those epic bicep gainz and the size 5 cut-off jean shorts—GONE.  What went so wrong when you and motivation were so hot and strong?  Ya’ll were hitting the gym daily and sippin’ on them protein shakes… Fit-Life was picture-perfect, I mean you proved it so on your Gym selfies, we know!  Well, I am here to tell you, you did nothing wrong in that relationship.  Miss Motivation is just meant for temporary highs.  But you know somethin’??? You deserve better! 

            I can introduce you to a friend…. Miss Discipline.  She’s a Queen, she’s never late and is so loyal, you’ll even be annoyed at how routine she can actually be.  Where motivation slacks, discipline soars.  With the stellar Queen D, you’ll never be disappointed.  You will rain gainz and become the best version of yourself.  Queen D is your guy—flirt away.

            What’s the big diff??

  • By definition, motivation is a reason, or having a will for doing something, especially hidden or not obvious. 
  • And discipline can be defined as, the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior. 
  • Another take, or related term would be habit.  Habit; a settled tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

BUT… Miss Discipline ain’t the easy kind, you gotta commit and show some heart. Then, and only then, she will gladly show you the way to Gainz Kingdom.  Discipline is about seeking out ways to stay the course on your action steps to your goals.  When you’re motivated, it’s easy to pop out of bed without an alarm, head to the gym and turn your nose up at those doughnuts in the breakroom.  But when that magic of motivation dissipates, you got to stick to your new sought out plan when establishing those relationship vibes with Miss Discipline. 

Here are some guidelines for establishing discipline:

  1. Know thy weaknesses.  If you are used to your daily Biggie size-999 calorie Carmel Macciato extra whip and a side of scones, then take a different route to work.   
  2. GYM BAG. Pack your gym clothes BEFORE you go to bed. 
  3. Know your WHY.  When you awaken in the mornings, jot down 2-3 reasons WHY you want your goals.
  4. VISION. Before you fall asleep, take 3-5 minutes and envision a good day at your next gym session, recall how good you feel after its all done.  Imagine how good you feel as you achieve your results.  Imagine it as if it were already done.
  5. AVOID NEGATIVES.  Avoid, distract, and eliminate all negative situations, people, and thinking that routinely affect you—negative thinking, especially. Our brains are way more likely to stick to old programming because it’s safe and your body is used to it.  So, in the middle of negative thoughts, catch it, stop it, and replace it with one of your ‘WHY’s you started your fitness journey in the first place.


– Old negative thought pattern: “This week sucks, my boss is mean and I am tired. I can just start the gym again next week.”


– Newly positive thought: “I see that my old thoughts were self-sabotaging, but now I know better.  I am deserving a feeling good body and I know exercise is good for me. I am excited to see what I can do at the gym.”

            If there is one thing you take from this, just remember that motivation is NOT enough, and working at making your action steps a habit is the key, so that it becomes a part of your lifestyle.  And by it becoming part of your lifestyle, aka—a discipline, you will see positive change and those fitness goals will come easy. 

Stay Focused,

Coach Jesi


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