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Blog 15

By Jesi Mandagaran

       There was a great movie line from The Dark Knight, said by Harvey Dent, “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” (Yes, most of my adult philosophical ways are based on Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, as should be everyone’s.) Sadly, very sadly, this quote came to mind when I saw my career hero take the stage, and perform a villain-ish act. I say “ish” because, yes, opinions can be a matter of perspective, but with more than half of our population dying from chronic diseases, I gotta say… sorry Jillian Michaels that was a total villainy move there, Bro. Sad because with her platform, she has potential to reach millions of people. Sad because she could potentially be doing more harm than good. And sad, because, well she was a hero of mine for a long time. Mama, you were right… it’s not always a good idea to meet your hero.

        This is not a rant about me fighting with other trainers, or me being biased promoting CrossFit. With an upside-down state of health our country is in, us Trainers shouldn’t be back handing each other. Instead, we should encourage each other on in turning the tides of this deadly chronic epidemic. The mass of people is in pain, on 4 to 11 different kind of medications, and chronically unhappy all the way up until their chronic disease takes them for good. Health and wellness trainers are leaders, and true leaders don’t take the time to shit on other leaders just because their brand is suffering, or their money is or isn’t talking, or simply just because… because!

        Fine, Jillian Michael’s has a strong distaste for Keto eating and CrossFit, claiming the false statements she claims, but odd, because there’s a STRONG amount of evidence proving otherwise. If we continued to think the Earth was flat and not test the theory, then no telling what or where we’d be. Her opinions are all good in the hood though, everyone is allowed one. But I’d like to point out this…. With all the RECENT and TESTED studies, as a professional Trainer, whose been in the game for, IDK, 15+ years, how could she turn her nose up at all this quality valuable proven information?

        Anyone who has seen her clips, and has kept up with all the astounding EVOLVING Nutrition Exercise sciences, and understands the platform of CrossFit, can clearly smell the fish… I mean, could she be any more clueless?! That’s not making fun the situation either, that’s a fact, either she has not taken the time to understand the Keto or CrossFit or she is getting paid to say these rash things. Because, in her defense, she really is an intelligent person and a phenomenal health coach, so #wakeupandsmellthefish. There, that’s the only jab I’ll throw.

        Bottom line, as Fitness Health and Wellness Trainers in an industry dealing with the sickest people on the planet… ON THE PLANET, we have the responsibility of getting people on the right track, educating clean organic eating and promoting the importance of exercise for both quality health and quality movement. With 7 out of 10 people dying from chronic diseases, I gotta say, as a trainer, any fricken’ kind of exercise is prettttty vital at this point. That’s what a good fitness trainer in the lime light, with an outstanding platform, such as Jillian Michaels, should say! “Yes, Scott and Barbra, a 3-mile walk, or some air squats from the sofa while binging Netflix, or 45min of Zumba will do… Considering the Health scoreboard, uhh well take it!”

For now, that is. Currently, it’s an emergency to just get people off the couch and simply moving.  As our friend Greg Glassman would say, “Off the carbs and off the couch.”  #fitnessisforeveryone

Bittersweetly and a dash snarky,

Coach Jesi


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