$$Invest In Your Health$$

These days a lot of the time, health and fitness is looked at as an “Expense”. I would like to change your mindset to view health and fitness as an Investment. Here are 5 ways being healthy and fit can not only save you money but actually make you money.

1. Spending less on Fast Food – 70% of Americans eat fast food 3 X per week. Whats really scary about this statistic is that 70% of Americans also die from chronic disease (which most are preventable). Coincidence? Back to the $. The average cost per meal is $12.50. I’m a geek when it comes to numbers so let’s take a closer look at this. $12.5 X 3 = $37.50 per week. Times that by 4 puts you at $150 per month. Just by establishing healthy eating habits of preparing meals and planning ahead could cut that expense in half, which would save you $900 per year. Cha Ching!!!

2. Health Care & RX – A 2012 study by the Journal of the American Heart Association showed a savings of $2500 per year for people that stay on top of proper exercise and Nutrition. If you add in the 5% rise in health care cost, you are looking at a savings of $3500. Not only will you save on health care cost, but as you continue your health and fitness journey, the chances of needing that medication (Statins, Metformin, Xanax) goes way down, saving you even more money.

3. Promotions & Sick days – People that work out and eat right are far more productive at work. These people also tend to miss less work due to being sick. Staying healthy and fit increases energy and builds immunity towards common health risk. So, what am I getting at? Simple. Fit people get more opportunities for promotions and advancement in the workplace because of a better work ethic, positive attitude and great attendance. A study in the Journal of Labor Research found that people that work out regularly and eat right make 6% more than someone that is sedentary. If you take an average salary of $50,000 X 6%, thats an additional $3000. 

4. Mental Focus – So kind of Piggy Backing off #3. Studies have show that exercise improves cognitive function. This can help fight depression, improve mental focus, and make better decisions. With a clear mind, a professional can work through tough projects or allow an entrepreneur to develop new ideas that will generate more $.

5. Lastly Clothing – So the average adult gains 2 lbs per year from their 20’s through their 50’s. That is an average of 60lbs. This means your closet may contain 3-4 different sets of clothes. The ones you currently wear plus the ones you used to be able to fit into. By staying healthy and fit, we can stay in a size much longer, which saves even more $. Also as you become more fit and drop them sizes, its like Christmas all over again as you can fit into that beautiful dress or favorite pair of jeans you haven’t been able to wear in 10 years.

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