It’s no secret that working out is good for everyone. I’m pretty sure if you asked anyone they would say they know they should be working out.

So why is it such a struggle to exercise?

Well, just look at the word “workout”….. Work is involved. Work is hard. Work involves discomfort. Maybe even a little bit of pain.

Funny thing about life, usually anything that involves Work, makes you Uncomfortable, or causes some sort of Pain, is usually good for you.

So we completely understand that it is extremely difficult for most people to stay on track when it comes to fitness. If you can find a way to stay motivated, it makes “working out” much easier and more enjoyable.

The secret, to staying motivated:

  1. Focus on your Goals
  2. Rely on a coach

It is much easier to stay motivated if you can set some sort of goals that keep pushing you forward.

Choose both short term and long term goals. Think of your short term goals as stepping stones to achieve your long term goal.

Make these goals reasonable and easy to track. You must create some way to actually know you are achieving your goals. These small wins keep that fire lit.

Both setting goals and tracking them can be difficult for some people. That’s where the second secret comes in.

Find a coach you can trust and rely on. A great coach knows how to set goals that help you see results as well as stay motivated. A great coach will pick you up when you are down. They will know how to spark that fire if motivation is running low.

They will also know how to track your progress. This is crucial when it comes to fitness because not only will it keep you motivated but it allows you and your coach to make adjustments to keep you progressing in the right direction.

So think about this……try to come up with a workout and try suffering through it on your own. That doesn’t sound very fun and there will still be some doubt if the training will even work.

Now think about showing up for a workout that is specifically designed for your goals. Being lead through this workout by a professional that will inspire you and make you smile. Much more appealing right?

Now if you feed off the energy of a group of like minded individuals or prefer the devoted attention of a personal coach all you have to do is START…..

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