How to know if a fitness program is right for you

I wanted to follow up on Mondays blog, “Do I need to be in shape to do CrossFit?” So maybe you have decided it’s time to seek out some help. Good for you!!!!

The fitness program options are overwhelming. I mean the possibilities are endless. 24 hour fitness, P90X, Zumba, Yoga, CrossFit, Orange Theory, the list could go on and on and all your friends have their own opinions. Just remember your friends aren’t the professionals when it comes to fitness or nutrition.

I will take their advice on whether or not a fitness program was safe, welcoming, and fun though.

And to be completely honest, starting ANY fitness routine is better then doing nothing at all. So if all else fails, just pick one and try it. You could always try something else.

Here are a few guidelines when looking for a new Fitness Program:

1. Does the program offer a consultation or just a “Come on in and try the class”. A good program wants to get to know you. They want to know your goals, struggles, life outside the gym, work and family situation. 

Yes it’s kind of invasive but in order to be successful long term this information is crucial. If your coaches or facility has this information they can create a plan that will truly benefit you and increase your chance for success.

2. Does the program have a way of not only getting results but proving those results. If you have no clue if your fitness, weight, or body composition is improving how are you going to stay with it for the long haul.

Some people train for years and really don’t have a clue if the program is working. And on the other hand, some people might be creating positive change but just because they can’t see it, will give up on a program. Make sure you choose a program that can show you the results.

3. Is the program fun. If you are not having fun in a specific program, chances for long term success are very slim. Now how on earth can an exercise program be fun right? A lot of people dread exercise.

It’s all about the people you train with and the coaches or trainers guiding you. There’s something special about being surrounded by a group of people cheering each other on and truly wanting to see each other improve their health and wellness.

4. The last one is just pure common sense. Is the program convenient? With our busy schedules these days, we need to take out any barriers that could stand in our way. 

Does the program have a schedule that fits into yours? Is the facility in a convenient location? If we have to drive 30 min out of our way after a long hard day, it will be extremely difficult to stay consistent for the long haul. You may start out strong, then lose a day or two per week, then finally only a few times per month, then just not see the value in the program anymore and cancel your membership.

So here are the steps you could take to find a great gym:

  1. Google “gym near me”
  2. Call ASAP (If nobody answers, move on to the next closest)
  3. See if they provide a free consultation. If not, move on to next.
  4. Schedule consultation, and go to appointment.
  5. Trust your gut instinct. You should get a good vibe from the coach right away.
  6. Are they selling you, or do they truly care about helping you
  7. If they care, sign up right away. Think of it as an investment not an expense.

Click HERE for some guidance on choosing the right fitness program.

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