How to be successful on your Health & Fitness journey Part 1

A fitness journey has different stages. 

Stage 1 – First 90 days. You’re nervous, unsure, and not sure if a particular program is for you. You are always sore but you do notice that you are feeling better.

Stage 2 – Somewhere around 1 or 2 years. You’re loving your new program. You see great results. Motivation is at an all time high. You continue to set record after record and feel amazing.

Stage 3 – Some of that motivation starts to go away. Weight loss and fat loss start to slow. Now how do you stay on track?

Stage 1:

The first 90 days are crucial when it comes to your fitness journey. This is why it is so important that you find the best program for you. If someone has a bad experience for the first 3 months of their journey, it is likely that they will be completely turned away from fitness.

We have spoken with so many people that say “I tried it and it just wasn’t for me”. It’s not that fitness wasn’t for them, that particular program wasn’t.

If you follow the steps we talked about in the previous blog “How to know if a fitness program is for you” your chances of making it through your first 90 days are much, much higher.

During these first 90 days, the right program will make you feel welcomed, safe, and motivated. Not to mention you should also be enjoying the process. We understand this is more difficult for some that is why you should have people you could talk to about your struggles.

Your community (we call it a “Fit Fam”) should be there for you. Your coaches should also be there for you. Coaches or trainers in a great fitness program will notice if you are struggling. Believe me they will notice if you are not staying consistent in the gym.

They should also be checking in on things outside of the gym like: How’s the nutrition going, or how’s work, or even how is your family doing? These are all things that a great program cares about.

Now, something you could also do to help yourself be more successful is practice gratitude. We like to call this “Bright Spots”. You should celebrate every little “win” you come across on your fitness journey.

Maybe you find yourself sleeping better, or maybe you have more energy, maybe you did your first jump rope, or maybe you just made it to the gym 3 times in 1 week. No matter how big or how small, you should truly celebrate and be thankful for these milestones as they will keep your motivation alive.

Another thing you should do is trust your coaches or trainers. They are the professionals. You already invested your time and money so why not absorb as much information as possible. They only get to see you 1 hour out of the day, so any tips or advice they give you for the other 23 hours really take it seriously.

So after your first 90 days, if you have been working with the right trainers, Fit Fam, and program you should still be highly motivated and hungry for more. Ready to move into stage 2……




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