Blog 28

By Jesi Mandagaran

            Piggy-backing from my previous blog, “FIT LIVING: SO TOP 10”, here’s the follow up one.  For those who aren’t familiar with watching ESPN’s TOP 10 and NOT SO TOP 10, it’s a highlight reel of ten plays across all sports going on for that particular season.  There’s 10 plays—awesome Top 10 legendary plays, and the NOT SO TOP 10—errors or whoopsie-mistakes, highlighting the NOT so graceful plays.  Drum roll please…

** A quick disclaimer, I am not saying an absence of fitness is the ONLY component resulting in the matters mentioned here but it is one of many factors.  And these are merely observations from my experience. Obviously, these claims are not absolute claims and yes, there are some exceptions. SOME.

            10.  WEAKLING. Usually, unfit and unhealthy but I am most concerned with the ground work of it… a weak mind.  Weak minded folks tend to vibrate at lower frequencies, unenthused, negative thinking and mostly causing havoc to themselves or others.  #beaware

            9. PARTY POOPA.  It’s no fun traveling, if we are physically unable to participate in expeditions.  Walking the streets of Paris or riding rides with your kids at the theme park requires some physical activity and we want to be a part of the adventure not just watching it.

            8. BLAGHH LEADERS.  Based off observation and experience, it’s pretty accurate.  Subordinates, or clients will not follow the alpha, or leader, easily if leaders are not being what they preach.  Not in just the physical appearance itself, but I mean, living out the positive qualities’ leadership is built upon.  Therefore, the business/mission tends to fail.

            7. APOCALYPSE. Word on the street, the Avengers are just actors posing as Superheroes for movies.  So, if the apocalypse does indeed happen, Ironman can’t save us. The healthy ones have a greater chance at surviving than those who aren’t, speaking physically and mentally. Being able to crawl, jump, climb outrun and outsmart zombies seems like a pretty good reason to be in shape.  Just sayin’.

            6. “MEH” Person.  My description of a “MEH” person is someone who best represents the 7 Deadly Sins module. I’d describe this as someone who takes their life for granted and chooses lifestyles to slowly poison themselves to death. Attraction, seems to play a major role in this crazy thing we call life with scenarios like, reproduction, finding your soul-mate, hiring quality workers, creative collaborations and so on. It’s our primal instinct we can’t ignore.  We attract and we are attracted.  Therefore, “MEH” attracts “MEH” and being a “MEH” kind of person may not get us the dream job nor the dream life partner we always wanted.  Would you say a “MEH” person is someone you’d call attractive? #NoFurtherQuestionsYourHonor

            5. UNCOOL MUM/DADS. From what I can tell, little humans—children are full of energy.  #1, we want to be healthy enough to save them in case of emergencies, like when they run off across a busy mall.  #2, we should hope to be able to play slay the magical dragons with all their ridiculous rules without having to sit every two minutes.

            4. LAZY SCHMAZY.  I don’t just mean lazy, as in those who are couch potatoes choosing NOT to exercise, but just in general. “How we do anything, is how we do everything.” – Martha Beck.  Laziness bleeds into other areas of your life, consciously and subconsciously.  It can affect our productivity, our spirit, and our willingness to live. #SLOTHmuch?

            3. FEELING LIKE POO.  There’s nothing worse than the coming down off a binge eating craze. The crabby downward spiral of mood swings doesn’t really scream sexy either. Combine that with little to no activity for the body, now we major have downslides ahead like, depression, chronic fatigue, low self-esteem, and obesity. 

            2. SLAVE-BRAIN.  We don’t want to be shackled to chronic diseases such as Diabetes and heart disease, dependent on medications and other medical help for the rest of our lives, especially if they can be prevented from out lifestyle choices.  Our avatar, our body, shouldn’t be dependent on stimulants like, caffeine, drugs, alcohol, porn and tobacco. I’d even go as far to say as being slaved to our devices and social media.  Isn’t it strange that depression stats climbed around the same time Face-Twit-Snappitty-Gram came along?  We should be able to make a choice and then also be able to walk away without attachments. True health, true freedom is free of diseases and other harmful environments.

  1. NO SELF-LOVE.  How we view, treat and love ourselves determines how the rest of the world will.  Gluttony, a deadly sin, which can be defined as over indulging in food that exceeds our body’s needs.  Gratification for foods is one thing, but to constantly gorge in harmful foods, beyond the body’s needs, is a form of abuse.  Self-respect is rooted from self-love, and nourishing the body with quality foods in proper amounts while keeping up its functionality with proper exercise is a form of self-respect. Therefore, we have that good ol’ self-love.

There you have it, My NOT SO TOP 10, delivered charred to a crisp.  Overall, the message here is to encourage a fit living lifestyle along with consuming beneficial foods to better care for our bodies.  After all, we got one body, we may as well be our own superhero and take care of it.  Dibbs on the name, “Super La-Batina Woman”!

Should anyone have questions on Nutrition or about getting into a fitness regime, Book a NO-SWEAT here. Online consulting option too.


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