By Fitness Trainer Coach Jesi Mandagaran

            Having a fitness routine is more than just about trying to get or remain fit.  Fit, in which could be addressed as someone who is at a healthy weight appropriate for their body composition.  Sure, being fit and healthy is the holy grail upon existing on this planet, and is the key to thriving on this planet without falling into death traps like chronic diseases.  But there are many other perks to committing to a lifestyle of sweaty-fun-filled madness you may not be aware of.  Here are my “SO TOP 10” reasons why I remain loyal to the fit game.

            10. GOOD MUSIC + THROWING WEIGHTS AROUND.  There’s something to be said about blasting some AC/DC or some Beyonce while performing deadlifts, or crushing a metcon. (Even if it feels like the metcon is actually crushing you) you can at least imagine you’re in an awesome compilation straight out of a classic Rocky movie.

            9. HONORING THY BODY.  Our avatars, our temples, our bodies are a gift.  And eventually, one day, the time will come where we won’t have the luxury to physically move about in this time space reality.  Its only right we honor our bodies by treating it well with good food and quality movement.

            8. LOOK GOOD = PERFOM GOOD.  One of my heroes, Derek Jeter, (my first boyfriend—JK JK.) mentioned this idea in his book “The Life You Imagine”.  If you look good, you feel good, and you perform good.  It’s true, if your clothes fit well, or you appreciate your physique, you tend to score big in your work, home, and recreational environment. 

            7. TAKE ME TO CHURCH.  Okay, not literally.  I don’t think Jesus talks to me while I suffer through “Fran”, but there’s some serious mind clearing in a workout. Its another form of mediation, a prayer for being grateful of your avatar and celebrating your body.  It’s a stress reliever and its fun working out with a community of like-minded thugs.

            6.  POSITIVE ENERGY FLOWS.  Early morning workouts set the tone for the rest of your day, breeding positivity.  Getting a workout done, with all of its natural highs, you can’t help but feeling accomplished.  Speaking for afternoon workouts, it’s absolutely wonderful to look forward to that precious hour of fitness.  Makes tolerating that jerk of a boss a little more doable.

            5. CONFIDENCE.  My opinion, a trait I find absolutely sexy is confidence.  So, I guess this tie with #8… feeling good about yourself, your lifestyle, your routine helps build a platform of self-confidence.

            4. DISCIPLINE.  Remaining committed to your fitness creates a discipline within. It bleeds into the other areas of your life without you really knowing it.  Maybe your never or rarely ever late to work, you’re an accountable co-worker, and make healthier choices when eating out.  A well discipline person is an admirable trait, it shows dignity and that’s pretty attractive in my book.

            3. ATTRACTIVE.  Which #9-4, leads me to this one.  Someone who rarely compromises their fitness schedule for other activities shows they’re dedicated. They truly value their time and their health.  Self-respect shines as a reflection of their body, showing they are willing to work hard.  While so many others choose to the easy route of sitting on their ass as a couch potato and binge TV show reruns while stuffing potato chips, it’s a no-brainer why active healthier people are way more attractive. 

            2. SELF-RESPECT.  I am a firm believer, how much you respect yourself, will determine how the world will respect you.  Sure, fitness isn’t the only component in self-respect but it’s a pretty good contributor.  Eating well and living fit is a form of self-respect.

  1. MENTAL HEALTH.  This makes my #1 because it’s the underlying factor as to why I stayed practicing a fitness routine.  Sports, the art, the practice itself was a form of therapy I recognized I needed immediately.  It not only boosted my mood and energy, but it helped curb those pesky anxieties I have.  Also, see my blog “MENTAL HEALTH”

Overall, living a healthy lifestyle is something to be proud of.  Especially in a world, where its so easy to get lost in our technology and ignore our body’s needs, it’s absolutely sexy to choose to be disciplined and dedicated to a fitness routine.  These are my Top Ten reasons I believe a fitness routine improves our lives for the better.  Don’t get caught sleeping on that fit game homies. Stay tuned for my “So NOT Top Ten” in my next blog.


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