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By Fitness Trainer Jesi Mandagaran

In the TV classic Dwight Shrute’s voice, “QUESTION… Does eating Fat make you Fat? FALSE—Eating a high consumption of processed carbohydrates and sugar makes you fat.

  QUESTION.  Does eating higher amounts of Fat clog your arteries?  FALSE—Chronic Inflammation clogs your arteries. 

QUESTION?  Does a High-Fat diet result in heart attacks?  FALSE—A low fat and restricted cholesterol diet, with a high processed sugar/carb intake results in heart attacks, moreover—deaths. 

Bold statements I know, but what’s suave about my over abused Dwight impersonation is that, everything stated can be proven, much unlike one of the biggest mistakes our Government has ever made, accepting the hypothesized, NOT tested, but hypothesized, theory of high cholesterol being the culprit for heart disease death rates.

Let’s start with the falsely accused thug, CHOLESTEROL.  Every cell membrane needs cholesterol for efficient cell function.  I repeat—EVERY CELL MEMBRANE IN OUR BODY NEEDS CHOLESTEROL FOR EFFICIENT CELL FUNCTION.  The body itself, creates 3,000mg of cholesterol on its own for some self-help, but boy it would sure love whatever else you can feed it.  Another fun fact about Cholesterol, is that it’s much needed for making brain cells and important hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.  (Note this closely for an absurd fact I’ll mention later).  Also, our brain is 60-70% made of fat—yup. F-A-T.  So, it would make sense, cholesterol is a much-needed component in not only maintaining efficient brain function but also assisting it to help make more brain cells, which is great for learning, creating and well basically for our overall body function.

Now here’s the real cholesterol firepower, another function is to fix the damaged artery walls making it the superhero, not the villain it was made out to be.

So, if cholesterol doesn’t clog our arteries, then what does???  INFLAMMATION.  Inflammation happens as a result of consuming a high processed carb and sugar diet, with little to not fat.  It starts in your Gut, the second brain, then eventually spills out into the rest of your body. You can read more about Inflammation from a previous blog I wrote, Chronic Inflammation When inflammation does its damage, its the cholesterol that goes in for the rescue. They are more like firefighters—not the deadly fire itself.  We wouldn’t blame the firefighters when we see them at work on a burning house would we??  Exactly.   

So where does FAT, or high cholesterol get all its bad rap from??  His name, Ancel Keys, a reborn silent Adolf Hitler. Okay, maybe not meaning so but boy, did he take the Westerners for a ride.  He concluded cholesterol was the one to blame for high heart diseased death rates.  The graph included seven countries from autopsies that resulted in heart disease deaths. But not all countries by the way.  There were actually 22 countries with available observable data. No one knows why he didn’t use all 22 countries for his theory, but I’ll leave that knit-picking for another day.  That was in the early 1970s.  Despite another fellow Dr, George Mann, ScD, MD, whom was supposed to boost Dr. Keys theory, actually determined dietary fat is NOT the determinant of either cholesteremia or coronary heart disease.  And later went on to quote, “This is the greatest scam ever perpetrated on the American public.”

Even though Ancel Keys had contradicting proven theories from his fellow collogues, overthrowing his untested hypothesized theory, he moved onward with with it anyway getting the acceptance of the USDA, the American Medical Association, the American Heart Association and the American Diabetic Association. They didn’t waste anytime either.  In 1977 the new Low-Fat, cholesterol reduced diet was born, immediately making Americans fatter and sicker more than ever before.  The rise of coronary hospitalizations sky-rocketed!  #AndStill, today, as the undefeated diet still stands backed by our government, heart disease is still the leading cause for deaths in the world.  As dramatic as Dr. George Mann was stating about how ‘this would be the greatest scam ever perpetrated on American public’, I can’t help but think ol’ George was right.  #GooseBumps  

This begs the question—so who dropped the ball?? Or was it always the plan backed by corrupted higher ranked folks in our government?  #FishSmell

Oh, and check this out—you’ll like this one.  Statin, a drug released by our trustee medical squad, was to help lower cholesterol and help prevent coronary events, such as heart attacks.  Lipitor, a brand name on the market is hot seller today, so hot its actually #1.  Since this drug fights to lower cholesterol, it very sadly effects the balance of hormones, specifically the sex hormones—testosterone and estrogen.  Now… guess what other drug on the market that makes for a hot seller???  #Viagra 

            And another thing via our Foe Lipitor drug, you are more likely to be harmed by the drug than to be helped by it.  Its statistics… 1 out of 300 people are helped by the drug, where 15 out of 300 people are harmed from the drug.  To name a few side effects, debilitating muscle and joints, dark urine, and chronic tiredness.  How’s that for fun??

What is also outdated much like the odd women’s blouses shoulder pads, is the HDL vs LDLs—Good guy vs. Bad guy.  LDLs are notorious thugs to never be fooled with.  But a recent study by Dr. Peter Attias, talks about how these are again old theories that were never tested. When Dr. Attias looked at over a study of 1,000 some patients hospitalized for a coronary heart event, just over 50% had low LDLs cholesterol levels.  Showing that total cholesterol is irrelevant to our health and that it’s the Inflammation caused by high processed carbs and sugar.

Which, brings me to the last point… Triglycerides.

Contrary to the much backed up “Low Cholesterol diet” theory by Government institutes, it’s the Triglyceride gangsters accumulating in the bloodstream we should be weary of.  THE REAL VILLAIN.  Again, the consumption of too much processed carbs and sugars, increases bad-guy triglyceride concentration.  This topic alone is a whole other blog but for more information on the silent bad guy high Triglycerides, click here. (Doug McGuff’s explanation) 

But, ironically, the best way to keep those triglycerides in check is to do the exact opposite of the “Low-Fat/Low Cholesterol diet”.  Embrace a High fat, low carbohydrate nutritional lifestyle.  Keto ring a bell??  This doesn’t mean, go crazy on the processed packaged lunch meat, but rather it needs to be from caged free, pasture raised farms. Not from jailed cows who live off shit corn diets.

With that being said, your mind can rest easy knowing that intaking higher amounts of fat, and/or saturated fats won’t result in artery clogging, but you can definitely panic if your pantry is stuffed with Skinny Pop chips and Low-Fat Cheeze-Its.  Remember, the standard American diet is OLD FREAKIN’ NEWS!!  With the carbohydrates as its backbone for food consumption and emphasis on a 300mg daily cholesterol intake—SMH—it’s no wonder heart disease is the reigning champ in leading deaths around the world. 

With all this new science and evidence backing cholesterol being wrongfully accused, it’s time we visit our ancestral roots and embrace that Mediterranean diet, with all of its emphasis on all types of organic meats, NOT just lean meats, fibrous vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, some fruit, very little starch and no sugar.  Don’t be afraid to eat organic fatty red meats and wild fish either.  It’s those Low-Fat crackers and Fat-Free lattes you need to avoid.  This diet, a nutritional lifestyle I just described sounds a lot like the Keto Nutrition plan.  Well, because it pretty much is.  Don’t forget, an old blog of mine, the Keto is the Dark Knight, a forgotten ancestral way of eating. 

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