Do You Have A Health Budget?

Far too often we hear the phrase “I can’t afford it” or “that’s too expensive” when it comes to people trying to improve their health. I mean, we get it. It can be a lot of money but what we have found is that people spend way more money on things that are actually making them sick and could eventually kill them.

In my mind this is absolutely crazy that people would spend more on Fast food, nicotine, alcohol, or junk food then they would on a program that would improve their quality of life, get them out of pain, or even help with anxiety and depression.

We have also come to realize a lot of people have no clue the amount of money they are spending on things that are killing them. So an amazing exercise we try and do with everyone that gives us the old “i can’t afford it” is the following:

  1. Print out your bank statements from the last 2 months.
  2. Highlight all expenses that are not necessary or that are decreasing your health. Things such as, Eating out, Fast food, coffee stops, energy drinks, nicotine, alcohol, soda, online shopping, even tv subscriptions.
  3. Now total up all of these expenses, trust me it will be eye opening.

What you have just done is created your “health budget”.  I mean we budget for all sorts of things. A new car, a new house, even an entertainment budget. I know we do. So why on earth wouldn’t we set aside money to invest in our health which is probably one of the best investments we could possibly make. 

If we are sick, in pain, or maybe our mental state isn’t that great, nothing else matters. No amount of money, material things, or “good food” will ever make us feel good enough to live a high quality of life.

Even if you don’t want to put that money into a “health budget”, try this. Still perform the exercise above. Still cut out unnecessary expenses that are making you sick and put that money aside for a rainy day. Just by doing this, Not only will your health improve just by cutting out poor habits,  your bank account will improve as well. 

We are all different, and different things are important to us. We completely understand not everyone believes health and fitness is as important as we do and that’s fine. Some people need the curtains pulled back just a little.

We will all spend our hard earned money on what’s truly important to us and what we believe provides the highest value. I encourage you to really sit down and think about the next 20-40 years to help decide what investment will provide the highest value.

Coach M


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