BLOG 9.0 "New Year, New You Pep-Talk"

“New Year, New You Pep-Talk”

By Jesi Mandagaran

        The ‘New Year, New You’ has arrived. It is the most highly inspired time of the year for change. People by the dozens commit to the gym and to the newest diet trends, only to fizzle out by mid February. Why is it folks fall off their New Year bandwagon? Why can’t they stay mounted on their fire breathing horse galloping into the healthy-living lands? Wellp, as trainers who’s witnessed the New Year hype year after year, we see the commitment to the idea of their new healthy lifestyle, but as soon as they realize results doesn’t come as fast as Amazon Prime delivers, they quit!

        I’ll use Donald Trump’s go-to quote—“Sad.” Because we see folks, with the hottest new Cross Trainer shoes, matching outfits with tags still on em’, and the newest fitness tracking gadgets on their wrist. They are ready, so ready. They come in with pictures of their favorite ripped celebrity with specific instructions on muscle ordering as if they are ordering a handcrafted personal pizza. Seriously, it is so specific that they order muscles down to the curves of the calve muscle.

        “I want 6 pack abs but not the V-line like [Insert any Hemsworth brother’s name here]. But the biceps of Mat Frazier would be better and if I can get traps like Bane from the Batman movie—that’d be great. How much?”

        In the mind of the trainers: Client is a male, 5’6, 48 years old, weighs 264lbs, body fat is outrageous, sits 9 hours a day at a desk, doesn’t know what cooking oil is, hates vegetables, hates stretching, hates running, hates his shadow but loves the Supreme from Taco Bell combo and the latest binge on Netflix. Sorry buddy, but your last concern should be Thor’s pecs.

        And as soon as they hear what changes they need to make, we never see them again. So what is the missing piece?

Misinformed. Misled. There’s so many juicy words to use here but overall, society has been mislead by people in white suits who we’ve been taught to trust. Well, they have Yale/Hopkins degrees—they know it all right?! Buzzer Button sound insert here. WRONG. Okay, not all of them, but most.

(Real quick, for more backup info about this hot topic, I strongly advise you listen to CrossFit podcast featuring Greg Glassman who discusses and addresses this hot mess. See link below.)

Back to regular programming—We also have social media with all sorts of undeserving knuckleheads making their claims on what diets are a saving grace while companies are paying these certain faces, to present such information to you kind people—YOU! Example, @SweetTeaSkinnySheila has 10k followers, so supplement companies pay her to say, buy this magic pill, don’t eat and you’ll be skinny—hooray!! Okay, I’m rounding a base I don’t want to round just yet, but to stay on point, people are getting false information when the truth really is simple but difficult—eat meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar and CrossFit.

          However, the biggest fault still lies in our own hands. The commitment to a ‘New You’ is the right thinking, we just miss the part where commitment is suppose to count. Yes, commit to the gym, commit to clean eating but most of all—it is the commitment to our selves that counts the most. That way, hell or high water, we stick to the game-plan. Because when we fall off our ‘New Year’ bandwagon, we are not just walking away from gym fees and all the right help in the world, but we are really walking away from our best healthier abundant selves.

         So, 2019 is here. The commitment to the ‘New Year, New You’ deserves the chance to be fulfilled and that starts with, making that commitment to our selves—however long, however difficult. Time will pass either way, might as well spend it living your best bad ass self. Cheers—to the cliché we all love so much, NEW YEAR NEW YOU.

See you in the box!

Coach Jesi


YouTube:  CF Podcast- Greg Glassman and “The Mess” (Content contains sensitive language, but necessary LOL. Duration: 1hour 30min)

YouTube:  What Your Dr. Won’t Tell You (50min) Dr. Ken Berry on Health Theory (First 5min is worth hearing.)


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