Why is it that the CrossFit community seems like such a snobby cult? And what is about CrossFit that makes me people commit for the long haul?

        Allow me to start with a quote from our WOD Father, “The magic is in the movement, the art is in the programming, the science is in the explanation and the fun is in the community.” [WODFather- Greg Glassman, CEO & Founder of CrossFit]

       Well, we’d have to say the above quote could answer both questions. There is something to be said about enduring the fire + the ice (Pun intended) of seemingly impossible tasks and then overcoming it. And if you add some homies into the mix, enduring the heat right along with you, a bond is formed. In the human experience, this has happened for centuries. Example, the bad ass Navy Seal—they refer to each other as Brothers. Apple users, when one person sees another with an Apple laptop, they discretely nod in acknowledgement allying against PC. It’s true and you know it! Other examples: religions, cities, and the New York Yankees. You get it, right?

        My point is, the CrossFit community is its own entity, its own functional dysfunctional family. Each CrossFit Affiliate has its own vibe. It is my own belief that is why we could never truly be in competition with one another. We all serve the Mission to better lives of others and our affiliates are doing what we can, where we can, with what we have. And as the saying goes, our vibe attracts our tribe. Only that tribe within their box can understand what goes on in there. So, naturally, the CrossFit community can easily be viewed as a Cult, loyal fit and obnoxiously ranting about their daily union of WODs. #isthewodupyet

        The Community of CrossFit is the strength of the box. Father’s and sons, mother’s and daughter’s, sibling rivalries, co-workers, friends—they all bond in the box and even take it home with them. Without realizing it, the CrossFit community holds each other accountable for class attendance.

“Annie, where were you yesterday? OMG—did you see what we did?!” 

        It is a place where the last guy gets the loudest applause. People lend helping hands and suddenly fitness becomes a masked spiritual party—community of folks praising their temples, their bodies (in an unweird way). Strong friendships are formed. When someone gets married, we are annoyingly there, celebrating together performing Burpee Vows. And when someone loses a friend, a family member… a spouse, we all come together, generously offering a hand. Because their losses are our losses and their triumphs are our triumphs.

       It is so easy to see why people stay dedicated to their Fit-Family, we all come from different walks of life, but you can bet the box is the one place where we understand that we are all one. We are all just trying to be better—better spouses, better father’s/mother’s and better humans. It is the best hour of the day. All hail the CrossFit family. All hail the box.

With Love,

Coach Jesi


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