BLOG 2.0 "Let's Get Physical"

“Let’s Get Physical…”

By: Coach Jesi Mandagaran

     Continuing from the first entry of Journey to Total Health, I am tackling the building block Physical Health, AKA the body. In this category, it will have its own subcategories creating its own dream-team in completing Physical Health. The complexity of many factors needing to be present in obtaining physical wellness is overwhelming, therefore I have simplified it into 3 subcategories, for my own sanity really but mostly to keep you all from answering your Twit-Chatter-Face-Gram notification luring you away from me. Each will have its own concentrated blog in due time. So what 3 made the gangster squad? Drum roll please…


       This is in no particular order since experts prove their arguments when they say one is more important than the other. But since this is my stage and all, I would have to say, out of pure survival instincts… NUTRITION. Because you can’t eat your pillow and you can’t exercise indefinitely without needing to refuel with food. But if it weren’t for that fact of life, I’d salute SLEEP as a Queen for all of its magical healing powers. Actually, exercise raises vibration, releasing endorphins and it kills cortisol in which we all know is a total babe in being a mood booster. See what I am doing here? All three simultaneously depended on each other and must be balanced accordingly for optimal Physical Health. Thus, SLEEP, NUTRITION, AND INTENSE EXERCISE, create a trinity. I’ll prove it…

       Bench the player SLEEP, I dare you, getting 2-4 hours a night. Talk about instant aging and permanent sacks under your eyes—sexy. Continued lack of sleep will affect the other two amigos, NUTRITION and EXERCISE. Either you’ll over eat—most likely with shitty foods and skip the gym. Orrr… if you do go to the gym, you definitely won’t be firing at your best. Say you regularly cheat on your Beau, NUTRITION, eating crap-in-a box with a Biggie size Soda Pop, now your cells have to renew themselves with unrecognizable junk, hence why you tend to feel like poo. And if that doesn’t tickle you, then obesity and a side of stuffed arteries should do the trick. Not only that, since we are such an image-obsessed-let’s-take-a-selfie species, you’ll look like poo, making you feel even POOPIER. But that’s what filters are for amirite? (Eye roll insert here) Ignore EXERCISE like a diseased ex-lover and you’ll turn into hunched back-zombie with a bomb in your chest. We. Need. Them. All.

     All drama and jokes aside, for optimal physical health seek to better balance the trinity. SLEEP is essential for recovery, immune function, a break for the gut, physical performance and so much more. EXERCISE is essential for, heart health, muscular function, cognitive skills and again, so much more. NUTRITION, our heavy hitter, is essential for (Insert a big ‘DUH’ face here) beside the obvious of KEEPING US ALIVE, total body function, renewing cells and yeah—again, so much more. Literally—you are what you eat!

     Believe me when I say the proof is in the pudding Puddin’. Chronic diseases, such as, heart attacks, diabetes, cancer etc. plays a huge contribution in deaths of Americans, ballin’ at 70%!!!  Medicine is ONLY a band-aid people—not the cure. The cure is exactly this: eat vegetables and some fruits—alkaline preferably, eat quality meat, drink water, sleep 7-8 hours and do varied INTENSE EXERCISE, notice the adjective before the word EXERCISE. Walking on a treadmill for 30minutes with your nose in your phone doesn’t qualify as beastmode. Greg Glassman said it best, “Time to ‘Un-F**k’ the system.”

Much Love,

Coach Jess


“You either get busy living or get busy dying.” – The Shawshank Redemption


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