Are You Prepared??

It’s Monday morning. Back to the grind. Gotta get the kids ready. Get ourselves ready. Get to work. Hopefully get some intentional movement in today. And still manage to get in 3 meals containing real food that will supply us with sustainable energy all day.

Sounds kind of chaotic right? Not really. That’s just life. Problem is most of us have lost our ability to prepare ahead of time. We procrastinate. Of course it’s not fun going to the grocery store on the weekend. It sucks to take a couple hours out of our already super short weekend to meal prep. But that’s what gets us in trouble. 

When we are unprepared come Monday morning, that’s when we grab a giant cup of coffee filled with delicious creamer. That’s when we can’t say no to the doughnuts or cream cheese bagels at work. That’s when we are forced to grab something from the fast food line for lunch. Then after eating that BS all day, of course we don’t have motivation to workout or make a healthy dinner for the family. It’s much easier to just order pizza and binge watch a new series.

Of course that’s an extreme example (kind of). But this is really what happens in our day to day lives. “I’ll get back on track next week’ turns into next month, next year, and before we know it we have some serious health issues and absolutely no drive to improve our health.

Here are 3 quick steps to start preparing for the week:

  1. FInd a healthy recipe you like– Once you find one you like you can go to the grocery store and get enough ingredients for 2-3 days worth (to cover lunch). You will repeat during the middle of the week.
  2. Block off 1 hour on your Sunday for meal prep– If Sunday’s are filled with fun activities and sports for the kids, get up early and knock it out before everyone else gets up.
  3. Book 3-4 30 min appointments with yourself– We must have intentional movement throughout the week. All we need is 30 min 3-4 times per week. This can be at home, at the gym, go for a run or bike ride, or maybe a nice hike. But it must be intentional. You don’t cancel appointments with your doctor or your kids’ teachers, so please don’t cancel on yourself. Put the appointment in your calendar, set an alarm, and stick to it.

We know these 3 tips sound simple but we also know they are extremely difficult to stick to. Especially if you aren’t used to habits like this. That’s all Health is (good or bad). It’s 1000’s of little habits performed day after day that determine what kind of health we live with.

If you struggle with planning, accountability, or just health in general, please reach out. We are here to help. First step will be having a casual conversation about your goals and your struggles. Together we will come up with a great game plan to help. Just click HERE to schedule.

Coach Marcel


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