By: Jesi Mandagaran

       Last but not least, the subcategory of the trinity model from Blog 2.0, “Let’s Get Physical”: NUTRITION. Hubba-Hubba. The most unfavorable answer by those who seek fitness results. Spoil alert, trainers do not have the magical Insta-quick-fix-pill to give out and neither does medicine. It rings true ladies and gents, abs are indeed made in the kitchen. As shallow as that sounds, I deliver in Pinterest lango because that is our current paradigm on Health. At least for now, until Health becomes a life threatening emergency…



I eat clean foods mostly and workout,

vigorously, 4-6x a week. 80/20 rule.


Don’t be crazy. No, seriously, what do

you do? Slimfast drinks? Soup Diet?



Because Soup Diets aren’t crazy…?

       Our body is a fascinating complex machine, always hard at work keeping us alive. There are a whole lot of big fancy words describing exactly what goes on, when it goes on, where and why it goes on. And in my research, I’ve had to stop and reread passages with Google-Glossary a few times to really understand it. So, without losing you, I’d like to relay information by keeping it simple. Nutrition is important for our Physical Health because:

  • it keeps us alive, obvi.
  • For cell reproduction and maintenance, it needs nutrients, AKA food enzymes, to vibe with—literally vibe with, like let’s link up and takeover the world Pinky.

       Thus, refueling our bodies with beneficial foods is a no-brainer right? It’s a vital role when it comes to desired fitness goals. So what might those fabulous foods be?

The first sentence of Greg Glassman’s Fitness in 100 Words : “Eat meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.”

        Real quick, before you say, “Oh-the Blah-Blah Diet”, diets are DEAD. The idea of eating a certain way for a short amount of time, only to rebound back to your poor eating lifestyle is DANGEROUS. Even if you’re following the skeezy old Nutrition Pyramid with all of its glory on Carbohydrates as its backbone, you’re still on a cold trail. Meaning, excessive eating of refined carbs, puts you in quite the pickle, causing hyperinsulinemia, in which is the fast lane to Type II Diabetes, obesity and heart diseases etc.

        Hear this, you’ll like this one, constant consumption of carbs only makes your body a sugar burner when in all actuality you want it to be a fat burner. Consistent sugar burning also trains your body to stubbornly store fat. Also, it really throws your hormones out of whack, blocking the good guys and releasing the bad guys. Can’t burn fat stuffing your face with Fat-Free pancakes and Extra-Light Popcorn only to wash it down with that Skinny Margarita.

That’s why majority of folks have a hard time losing weight!

       It’s not a just-add-subtract-calorie-game. The saying ‘You cannot out train a bad diet’ also rings true. Even if you tighten up on the calories of the Crap-in-a-box drive-thru, your body can’t continue to perform at high levels without crashing. One example: injuries. Savvy?

       NUTRITION holds the golden key to all physical health desires. It’s also uniquely the ONLY key for saving lives against chronic diseases. This is definitely worth thinking about, especially when 70% of people are dying from chronic diseases. Medicine doesn’t have the cure. There is no immediate treatment for them. Blood pressure pills are a band-aid—not a Get-out-of-jail-card!! My friends, the magic is in your choices, what are you doing for INTENSE EXERCISE and what are you eating for quality NUTRITION?

        So, now what? Stop doing the lame quick-fix dieting and seek a Nutrition Coach for guidance. Who you gonna call? Laura Nava. Or whomever has the correct and most recent knowledge—specifically NOT Instagram Celebrities who strictly live off fake tea supplements.

Always a Pleasure,


Fun Fact: In 2016 The CDC (Centers for Disease Control + Prevention) have predicted by 2050 100 Million will have Diabetes in the U.S.

Here’s another Fun Fact: The next year (In 2017) The CDC released an article that a report: More than 100 Million Americans have diabetes or prediabetes. (Prediabetes and don’t even know it!) NATIONAL DIABETES STATISTICS REPORT


YouTube: (3min) OFF THE CARBS, OFF THE COUCH “Off the Carbs, Off the Couch”

YouTube: (3min) Nutrition: The Problem “Nutrition: The Problem”

YouTube: (43min) Chronic Diseases: We Have the Answer “Chronic Diseases: We Have the Answer


Email: Nutrition Coach Laura Nava   nutrifitology@gmail.com

Schedule a FREE 20min Consultation with her and see how well you’re eating.



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